Saturday, January 11, 2014

Chickens, Puff Paint and Other Stuff

A listy-list of sorts, because you know how I like a good list.

1. Last night my husband and I watched "The Book of Manning", about Archie Manning and his boys, that ESPN ran back in September. I know, we're a little behind on the DVR, right? Well, did you watch it? For one, I never knew that I could cry while watching ESPN (unless it's because I wanted to turn it OFF), and for two, it really made me want to watch football, which says a lot!

2. Today the Seahawks are playing and since my husband is working and he can't watch the game, I'm pretty much avoiding all interaction with the outside world until he gets to watch it later. It's just more fun for both of us when I don't know what happened.

3. It's finally official that in the spring, a few little chicks will be joining our family. We're planning on having 4 or 5 hens, that'll be for eggs and of course, our pets. I'm a major softy and I get really attached to basically everything so, these hens will NOT be for food. Hopefully, they'll be good layers though. I'm just so excited to go through this process with the kids. We've checked out all the books that our library carries about chickens and are trying to learn as much as possible- which is good because coming into this, I basically knew nothing. So, if you've had backyard chickens, share your experience with me. Tell me about the breed that you have, their personality, and hey, even throw out a few names that you think would be good for some cute little chicks. I'd love to hear ideas!

4. Yesterday we had the best time painting with a mixture of shaving cream and Elmer's Glue. I just recently learned about this fun little trick. I guess you could basically call it homemade puff paint. We left it white and created snow pictures, but you could color it however you please. All you do is eyeball equal parts of shaving cream and Elmer's glue, stir them together and then paint your little heart out!

5. It's been especially dark and rainy lately and I'm thinking about pulling our white twinkle lights back out of the Christmas bins and hanging them around the house. Gloomy and I don't get along so well, so, I'm on a mission to make it as cozy around here as possible. I've been lighting candles, cooking in the crock pot, playing in the rain with the kids and yet, it still feels dark and dreary, so I'm thinking that twinkle lights are in order.

6. Recently I finished the only book that I've ever wanted to NOT finish. 1000 Gifts is probably the most life changing book that I've ever read. I read it slowly, over many months because it felt like something that I needed to keep on applying in my life. Like, I really needed to fully let it seep into who I am. I was scared that when I finished it, I'd forget everything that I'd learned. But, finishing it was inevitable and I started a notebook of things I'm thankful for. This notebook sits on my counter and throughout the day, I've been writing down the "gifts" that I see. In just a few days, multiple pages have been filled, not because my life is just so amazing, but because God always gives us lots to be thankful for, always!

7. Lastly, I just wanted to say that your comments on my Facebook page, in regards to my last post really meant a lot to me. Sometimes I write bits of non-sense, kind of like this post and other times, I get more serious and really share what's on my mind. So, thank you for your words. I read them and they encourage me.


  1. How did I not see the Facebook stuff?? Weird!

    The glue and shaving cream looks fun! I'll have to try it with my littles. :)

  2. I can't remember if I've told you yet, but I love your new look!


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