Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dear Eliza: 9 Months

Dear Eliza,
You are nine months old. It's strange to think that you've been on the outside for the same amount of time that you were growing on the inside. My pregnancy with you just flew by, but having you here, as your own little person, feels like it's been forever. It seems strange to think that you ever could have ever not been part of our family. That idea to have a 3rd baby was one of the best ideas ever. 

The pregnancy with you was super easy, until the end when you decided to stay breech. People joked that you were just being stubborn and causing trouble, but I knew that wasn't it. See Eliza, Momma's know their babies even before they ever hold them in their arms. Your personality has always been the same, on the inside and out. You are sweet, gentle, calm and a go with the flow kind of girl.

Yesterday, after Judah and Paisley were asleep for a nap, I bundled you up and we went outside together. I love time when it's just us. I lose track of time when I play with you down on the floor or when I go out in the yard with you. The things that pull at me seem less important when we get that time together. It's like having a third baby made life that much more hectic, but also that much more sweet. I think you put things in perspective for me.
So, what are you up to these days? Well, you're changing by the day and we're loving every second of this age with you! Here's what's going on:

Sleep: Eliza, you are a great sleeper! Most nights, you sleep 11 or more hours straight. You go to bed around 7:30-8pm (unless we're out past bedtime) and then you sleep until 7-7:30am the next day. You still take 2 naps a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. You do best when we keep your naps in a consistent routine and I see how you have a more difficult time napping, if we've been on the go too much.

Eating: You're still nursing multiple times of day, but sometimes you just refuse and so, I end up making you a sippy cup of formula. In addition to nursing, you eat solids for breakfast, lunch, dinner and you have a snack or two. You're really into feeding yourself and I need to be better about having finger foods ready. Right now you love bananas, homemade baked sweet potato pieces, toast with butter on it, melted cheese sandwiches, crackers, avocado chunks, and cheerios.
Oh and teeth? You have none, zero, nada. Apparently, you're my late girl, when it comes to teeth.

Crawling: Right now, you're army crawling everywhere and once in awhile you'll pull forward from a sitting position and do a bit of regular crawling. For the most part, you just pull yourself around everywhere. You've pulled up onto your knees to look into a toy basket, but you haven't pulled up onto your feet yet. I think we have awhile before you're a stander.

When you aren't sleeping or eating, you just love to be on the floor and play around. You aren't a huge fan of the Jumperoo. Mostly, you just like to be down and play with toys or hangout with your big brother and sister. 

They adore you, Eliza. Almost everyday, Judah tells me how happy he is to have you in our family. And Paisley is a little Momma, almost too much sometimes. She wants to take things away from you that she thinks might not be safe for you and tell you "NO", but I'm working with her on this. I'm reminding her that you already have a Mom and that she just gets to be your big sister. Ha!
It's been a great 9 months with you. Mostly, I feel so thankful for the way you make me smile. Sometimes my face is too serious and I feel bogged down with normal life stuff. When I catch your eye, it twinkles at me and you give me a smile, like I'm the best thing in the world to you. You make my face lighten up and you help remind me to smile more, because you deserve all the smiles in the world.


  1. she is just adorable!!! very cute photos!

    XOXO Bunnie

  2. Oooh! Love the new look! :)

    And Eliza (love that name! Love all of your children's names!) is ADORABLE. I can't wait (although I don't want time to go any faster!) for my littlest to be at that age. I love it when they start crawling around. So fun!

    1. Hi Catie! Yes, I thought it needed a new look for the new year. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  3. Eliza..when I gaze into her face it seems so peaceful. I sure do understand how she brings many smiles...what a beautiful little person she is!!

  4. Gosh, heart melting over here! What a lovely post! So lucky to have you for her mama and she is just a darling little girl. No teeth...cute!


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