Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Favs

A few favorites to wrap up the week.

Favorite Team: 
We got all decked out for Blue Friday today. Can't you just hear them shouting "Go Seahawks!!!" You guys, I think we've got the Superbowl, don't you? My friend Angie said this today and I couldn't agree with her more "I'm pretty sure that in my 15 years of living in Washington I've never ever seen people as united in their excitement about something as everyone is about the Seattle Seahawks."  So, Go Seahawks! We'll be watching on Sunday!

Favorites out and about:
Yesterday I got a random urge to hit up a thrift store and look for treasures. We ended up going to one that I haven't been to in months and I was so impressed. It's a funny thing how when I was younger, thrift stores seemed totally repulsive to me and I would have been embarrassed to go in one. Now, I think it's super fun. I love looking for a killer deal and we found some really fun stuff! 

I mean, where else can you buy feather boas AND (children's) books? And just look at this girl. Obviously she's taking this whole dress up thing very seriously.

Favorite Moments Creating:
To welcome February, we painted red, white and pink hearts today. We also cut sponges into heart shapes and used those to stamp hearts on paper. After the paint dried, I cut the hearts out and we hung them with Baker's Twine. 

Pink bubbles.

Random favorites from around the web:
This photography. I saw this a week or two ago and I'm still thinking about the beauty in these photos.
Photo by Elena Shumilova. Click here to check out more of her amazing work.

These paintings. I think I'll be putting the one with the red barn on my Birthday wish list. Farmgirl Paints is so talented and I just love her style and her heart.

These retro Valentines. They make me happy.

This ring, from here. Love.

And this, that Christine Caine posted on Instagram. This one really got me. I'm raising a couple of strong women. May I not forget what an honor it is to raise my spirited girls! 
Have a great weekend and go Seahawks!

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  1. Hello from the link up :) Feather boas & painting hearts -- fabulous week ;) Your kiddos are precious!! Hope you enjoy a fantastic weekend together!


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