Wednesday, January 15, 2014

IF: Local

One of newest blessings in my life is the privilege of being on the Women's Ministry team at our church. I just love women and I love seeing ladies get excited about God. I think what I love the most is when I see a women recognize that God has a purpose for her life and that she is gifted and loved. Because, don't we all sometimes struggle with those things?

I don't know how many folks that read my blog are local, but I want to throw out a few things that are coming up, which I'm really excited about. Have you heard of the IF Gathering? Well, our church is hosting a local event and I'm so excited. The IF Gathering is a fresh, deep, honest space for the next generation of women to wrestle with essential questions that plague their generation. Questions like: If God is real, then what? Bloggers like Jen Hatmaker, Jennie Allen and many others will be speaking and it's sure to be a really amazing time.

More about IF:
IF : Gathering is a simulcast we will be hosting that consists of worship, prayer & teaching for women. We will be encouraged to wrestle with essential questions that plaque our generation. Questions like: if God is real, then what?

Anticipated Agenda (times are approximate):

Friday, February 7
6:30pm - 9:30pm Session 1

Saturday, February 8
9:30am - 12:00pm Session 2
lunch on own
1:00pm - 4:00pm Session 3

Sunday, February 9

4:00pm - 6:30pm Session 4

Cost: by donation when you register online.
If you want more information about this, please email me!

Also, we're starting a new Women's Bible Study in February. We'll be going through the study "Chase" by Jennie Allen. I'm so excited and if you're local and you've been thinking about getting plugged in, please come! This is a great way to get pulled in from the outside, meet some really nice ladies and be encouraged. Email me if you want more info!
Changing the subject a bit here.....
I don't know about you, but at our house we've seemed to develop a pattern. Here's how it goes: 
1 years old: Easy as pie.
2 years old: Pretty fun.
3 years old: Holy cow--this age just about does me in, like for real.
4 years old: Positively delightful. Whew!

So, it was a hard day as far as parenting goes because we're in the middle of that age THREE, but we went out for a bike ride and did some side walk chalk tonight at sunset and that was a game changer. Fresh air and art always take us from falling apart, to hunky-dory. When I posted these photos on Instagram, I mentioned that we were out there trying to turn our day around. Because you know, sometimes parenting is really hard! 
I feel like there's a bit of a trend out there with Mama's posting all of these dreamy photos of their perfect houses, with their perfect kids and their perfect lives and I want to try to always keep it as real as possible. My word for the year was "Deeper" and part of the way I want to put that word into action is by being real in my conversations with people, or with the photos I post. I'd hate for it to look like we just sit around all day, serenely reading books, with little breaks to go frolic through a meadow. Life is so, so, good, but it's also so real, you know?

So yeah, right now being a Mama to this sweet little one runs me ragged, but I know it won't always be this way. And thank goodness for gorgeous sunsets and sidewalk chalk. It really is all about this simple things, isn't it? 

Some fun little things are happening too, like I can make one thing for lunch and all THREE of my kids can eat the same thing. Today they ate a whole batch of noodles, just the three of them.

We're stepping out into the sun, whenever it peeks out from behind the clouds and I'm keeping daffodils on the table, to keep me feeling cheery, when the gray skies try to drag me down.

I'm dreaming of painting the chicken coop to look like a small red barn and I'm already thinking about what kind of crazy adventure I want to go on for my 30th Birthday. I'm trying so hard to get up each day before the kids and get my caffeinated quiet time in because I so desperately need that time in the morning. Little things like these make such a difference in our day.

Hope you've had a great day. If you have questions about the events above, email me. I just thought I'd put them out there, for any of you local gals!

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