Thursday, January 16, 2014

Preparing for Five

{His first Birthday}

There's a lot of red, blue, and yellow "Superman" stuff hanging out in my laundry room right now. This squishy baby is about to turn five and we're gearing up for a little party this weekend. This 5 year old thing hits me a bit hard, if we're being honest here. I suppose his first Birthday felt like a big deal and then we kind of cruised through the other Birthdays. Suddenly, I find myself walking through the store, picking out Superman colored candles, that my five year old will blow out. I'm all excited and a bit of a mess at the same time. 

My first five years of Motherhood have been more wonderful than I could have ever asked for. Sure, we've experienced nights with little sleep, small fevers, a few earaches, too many crumbs on the floor, lots of laundry, spills, sibling squabbles , timeouts, potty training and way too many episodes of Caillou, but those are all small things, in the big picture.

I feel like I'm beginning to turn a page in my journey as a Mom. Five feels like a significant step out from under my big Mama wing. It feels like we're a step closer to that place where ideas, thoughts and opinions, are not only shaped here at home, but out in the real world.

Being a parent is amazing and hard all at the same time. You want to protect your children, but also give them freedom. You want them to be independent, but it's hard to see them struggle. You want them to build friendships, and it's hard to see when their efforts don't work. Kids can just be so mean and even unintentionally, feelings can get hurt so easily. You want your children to be kind, loving and honest and you do your best to teach character----but how do you know if you're doing it right?

I look back on these last 5 years and wonder where I excelled and where I fell short. We've laughed together a lot. We've read lots of books. He hugs me tight each day and tells me that he'll still hug me when we're in heaven. He's smart and he's hungry to learn. He's the best big brother that I can imagine for my girls. He speaks up for what's right, even when he's telling me that I shouldn't have raised my voice. And even when he's talking to me, I tell him that it's good to stand up for what's right.

There are things that I wish I wouldn't have worried about and moments I wish I would have enjoyed more. I wish that when he was a newborn, I would've believed that all of the small things aren't worth obsessing over. But even on the hard days, it's been the best 5 years ever. He made me a Mama and that was a life long dream.

Today we kicked off his Birthday celebration by bringing a special treat to preschool. This first picture is from last year when he chose to bring doughnuts for his class.
 This year, he picked Batman cupcakes and he was over-the-moon excited to share these with his friends.
 Goodness sakes, I'm crazy for this kid.


  1. He is such a kind, intelligent, humorous and very cute boy! Good job Mom!!

  2. His smile in the picture with the donuts is adorable! :) Such a cutie. Happy birthday, Little Man!


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