Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend Confessions

Confession #1: Sometimes I have my husband drive around the same round-about not once, not twice, not three times, but FOUR times so that I can take pictures of ordinary things that take my breath away like foggy fields and weepy trees. I make him a bit dizzy, but a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do, ya know?

Confession #2: Yesterday I parented 14 hours solo and was too busy to even eat dinner so, after I finally got all the kids tucked into bed, I collapsed onto the couch and ate pretty much the first sugar that I've eaten all month. It was ice cream for dinner last night, complete with Downton Abbey, that's been waiting for me on the DVR. After being almost totally off carbs and sugar for the month, the ice cream made me feel completely awful and I couldn't even finish the bowl. I ended up dumping the rest out in the sink and falling asleep on the couch about 30 minutes later. Gosh, what an exciting Saturday night that was.

Confession #3: Eliza has stated yelling, like loud and I'm tempted to start calling her Screech. Instead of giving her less than desirable nicknames, I've decided that everyone in our house needs to remember to keep their voices quiet, because she's learning by example. I'm really hoping this helps because the girl has lungs and I'm tempted to invest in a set of ear plugs.

Confession #4: Sometimes, friendship with other Moms totally scares me, but I push though that. Over the last few days, I've felt abundantly blessed by the amazing women in my community. The sun came out on Friday and we met my new friend Sareh at the park. Visiting with her and her sweet girls was so much fun. While we were at the park, lots of Moms showed up from the MOPS group that I went to last year. Seeing all of them was so great- I felt like I could have stayed and visited all day. And then on Saturday, we went to my dear friend Cindy's house. We each have 3 little ones and when we get together, it's busy, but we can do life together and I'm so thankful for that. Saturday afternoon, my sister came over with her boys and all of our kids rode bikes together. Again, 6 kids, all zooming around. That's a lot of training wheels, you know. Loved every second with these sweet friends over the last few days. Putting yourself out there in friendship is sometimes scary (especially when you have young, unpredictable children, that are going to do who knows what), but goodness, it's so worth it.

A few photos from our family adventure today.....All of these are iPhone pics and the foggy ones were taking while driving round and round the round-about. I just couldn't help it. I hope you understand.

Hope you've had a great weekend. Share a confession with me, it'll make me smile.


  1. Ha! I had to laugh at the ice cream bit! I've totally done that! Had a craving for something so bad and then by the time I got around to eating it, just felt awful.Your weekend looks so all that fog! weekend confession is that I haven't washed my hair since Thursday (!) and Ben hung out in his jammies pretty much all weekend.

  2. Love those fog photos Angela! Gorgeous, and glad your hubby was up for a spin : ) It was so fun to meet again on Friday. I'm glad we're both being brave. Making new friends as grown ups is so much more awkward than when you're a kid!


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