Wednesday, January 8, 2014

You Are Very Special....(Giveaway)!

It was the last MOPS before Christmas and because of the sickness that we'd recently had in our family, I managed to be the winner of the book. You know, the room was full of women. We all stood up and as they eliminated who hadn't recently experienced the most sickness, groups of women sat down. Well, I stood and stood and stood and finally something good came from all that throw up/laundry/sleep deprivation that we'd recently experienced. I was the winner for experiencing the most sickness and I won this beautiful book.

This book is written by one of the amazing Mentor Moms in my MOPS group Karen Carlson, who also happens to be the Mother-in-law to the Pastor who performed our wedding ceremony, small world, right? She has a beautiful heart and has played a huge role in developing the MOPS groups around this area. At one point, her family traveled around the Pacific Northwest for 5 years, helping churches catch the vision of MOPS. How amazing and selfless is that?

At home, I read her book, fell in love and decided to wrap it up for the kids for Christmas. I set it on the counter, with the intention of wrapping it that night, but throughout the day, I felt like I wasn't supposed to wrap it up quite yet. Instead, I needed to email Karen, ask to buy a signed book from her and then give one away to one of you. I told my husband what I'd been thinking and asked him if my idea was wacko. I told him that it just feels like God wants me to bless someone else with a book. He assured me that it's not crazy and told me to go for it.

This book is full of life giving words and I think part of the reason that I get so stirred up about words is that words are powerful. We can speak LIFE to someone through words. Our words matter and as a Mom, I'm learning that I can speak words to my kids that give them confidence, that help them understand how much God loves them and help them know that they were created with a purpose. I can look them in the eyes throughout the day and tell them "God has big plans for you. You are amazing." And you know what? If you hear something enough times, you memorize it and what you memorize becomes embedded into who you are.

My middle girl, my Paisley Pie is three and my experience with three is that it isn't exactly an easy age. One thing that I've been trying to intentionally make more time for is reading with her. She's at this age where sometimes she'll resist me even tucking her in or giving her a hug and although I know it's just a phase, it's still hard. Reading together is a different story. The girl loves books and when we snuggle up and read, she softens. And so, I'm trying to remember that every single day there's time to read with my girl. Honestly, this doesn't come easy for me. I'm wired to want the dishes always done, the laundry always caught up and my lists always crossed off, but really, how much value do those things hold?

"Because God Said ‘You Are Very Special’ was stirred in Karen’s heart after hearing her son-in-law’s first sermon as pastor. Jason spoke on creation and Karen felt burdened to share with all children how powerful GOD’S Word is; when GOD spoke, life began. Karen went home that afternoon and began to write from Genesis 1 and Psalm 139. She wrote BECAUSE GOD SAID ‘You Are Very Special’ with every child’s heart in mind. Children need to know they are created and have purpose. They are valued and loved by a personal, yet powerful God. Come join a mother and her son as they discover God’s creation. Every child will delight in the colorful illustrations and searching for ‘Froggy McButterpants’. This little green frog wants to be a part of this incredible adventure just as much as your little one will."

So, this book, Because God Said "You Are Very Special is a little treasure and I want you to have one for yourself, for your kids, grandkids, classroom, church, to give a friend or whatever. My kids love it and I love the message that it speaks to them.
To enter, just leave a comment telling me your favorite book or a book that you love reading with your kids. Or, tell me what you'd do with this book if you won it. That's all. I'll leave the giveaway open until the 22nd and then I'll email the winner. Also, please be sure to leave your email address so, I can contact you.

USA entries only please.
To order this book on Amazon, please click here


  1. This looks like a great one :) I am loving Big Chomp for Owen and our Jesus Storybook bible with Noah and Levi.

  2. Angela, What special memories and legacy you are creating for your family. I saw the presentation of this book when as a family we went to see the Offering this past holiday season. What a impactful production that was. I cried many times that evening. If I were to win this book it would be shared and read to my grandson Jayden. As you know I have had the joy of being a large part of his growing up these now 5 years. It is hard to think of him as growing up as fast as he is. I love being able to teach him and tell him about Jesus. Part of that is him knowing how special he is by not only his family,but more importantly how much God Loves him. He has a life that is very different than most he knows, and because of that he may have a harder time, but for him to know with confidence and no doubt that God is always with him because he is so special to his Heavenly Father is my prayer and this grandmothers desire for his life. I know whoever receives this book will be Blessed because you are being obedient to the Holy Spirit placing this on your heart, and He already knows who he wants to have this book just as he already knew that you were the one to receive it at your Mops meeting.Love Linda. My email is

  3. I'm so excited to read this book. Of course I'd love to win but even if I don't I know we'll check this book out in the future. I have two daughters and my all-time favorite book is Cassandra's Angel by Gina Otto. It is a beautiful story of the angel inside each of us and how the world often feeds us lies and tears down our inner voice and self-esteem. A MUST read for every little girl. Check it out at

    Thanks for a great giveaway, I love reading your blog!
    Cindy in Louisiana

  4. Opps forgot w3spark at yahoo


  5. I would share with my grandchildren, my oldest son completed suicide July 5 2012. We have not had much to share since our world changed on that day. I don't know how to answer their questions about why daddy left them, when I can't even understand or wrap my head around the fact that my son would rather die, than live another day here with us.

    1. Oh my, what a position you have been put into. Max Lucado has a great childrens book called You Are Special, may be a good read for the kids. He also has other books for children that look good!

      Blessings to you!

  6. My daughter's current favorite that we read over over over and over is Iggy Pig's Snowball Fight! Very cute black and white book. Not one I would predict my three year old to enjoy!

    Hope all your germs are gone and are all feeling better!!!


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