Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Bit of This and That

It's not what happens on the stage, but who you are off the stage that really matters. The greatest leader is someone who can be another's cheerleader. If you are ever given the privilege and opportunity to have the platform it's not about showing people how good, smart, gifted or talented you are, but rather to inspire, train, equip and activate people to rise up and be all that God called them to be and to do all that God called them to do. Celebrate others and you'll be astounded by how much, far and wide God will use you.---Christine Caine

I read that today and thought it was too good not to share. 

It's been one of those weeks with lots going on, yet most of it doesn't really feel "blog worthy". As I sorted through photos from the last few days, I reminded myself that this space can be a landing place for words and photos, and a place to document, sweet, ordinary life.

It's been a really fun week so far. Today the kids and I went to MOPS. It was Spa Day and everyone seemed to have a great time. My favorite part of the morning was actually my friend Kristin's devotion. She talked about how powerful a smile is.  How our children need to see us going about our normal days, with smiles on our faces and how we need to remember to greet our husbands with smiles when they come home from work. This all really hit home with me, because isn't it all too easy to have a grumpy face after a long day with little kids? Ouch. What a great devotion it was.

Last night was a meeting for Women's Ministry. We have a few things coming up that I'm just so excited about. The IF: Gathering is this weekend and I'm full of anticipation. I just really believe that it's going to be a wonderful time for each lady that comes! And then next week Bible study starts and it'll be fun to dig into that.

We've also been enjoying just simply being together on these chilly early February days. I feel like I'm going through a season right now where I'm really fully enjoying our kids. I feel like there's often this expectation that young Mothers like myself just want to fly through these years because yes, they are hard and draining, but honestly I wish I could just bottle my kids up right now.

Tonight I was looking at Eliza, who just turned 10 months, with just one tiny tooth peeking through and I could have sworn that this age is my favorite. I just can't get enough of that baby. And then there's Paisley, she's wild and she marches to the beat of her own drum, but she's teaching me about myself and I love that when she wakes up, she wants to find a sunny spot to snuggle with me in the sun. And Judah, a new 5 year old who couldn't care less about writing, but is anxious to learn to read.

Motherhood is this big crazy roller coaster where I feel blessed beyond measure and then ready to loose my mind other times. Regardless, I'm just loving this season with these kids and I feel like that shouldn't be unusual. Hard days? Yes, that's normal, but I really hope that other Moms with little ones are enjoying this time with them. They are so precious and they're smart. They know if we're enjoying them or if we aren't.

So, a few moments from our week so far.

This girl and her binoculars. One more reason why we need to move to the country.
Sunshine and sunglasses. It's cold, but it's pretty.
We're waiting for longer days and soaking up all the daylight we can.
Chicken coop progress. 
My sweet friend Emily gave us their coop and we're having the best time renovating it and preparing for our little chicks. After Jeremiah cut the hole for the door out, he made the cutest little door that will go on with hinges. All of this coop progress makes me a bit giddy. More pictures to come.
Yesterday the plywood walls were put in, linoleum was put down on the floor (for easy cleaning) and the nesting boxes were started. After it's all done, I'm painting it red and white like a little barn. Eeeee!
My sidekick. Right hand, gal. Suos chef. Mini me. Helper.
She's always right there, wanting to take part in whatever we're doing.
Story time before naps.
Today they picked out "Love You Forever" and I barely made it through the first page before I wanted to ugly cry. Gosh, that book does it to me every time.
Hoping you week is off to a great start.


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  1. as usual, your photos are wonderful!! I am so very excited for your lucky chickens....nice cute little house!


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