Monday, February 10, 2014

A Monday List: 4 Links I Love

A Monday list.
4 links I'm loving right now.

At their 20 week ultrasound, Josh and Robbyn Blick learned that their baby, Zion Isaiah, would be born with a fatal genetic abnormality. Robbyn's response? “Our choice is always life and giving him a chance.” Zion knew only love in the 10 days after his birth, as captured in this beautiful video you’ll want to watch more than once.

This, from Matt Walsh. "Your 5 year old failed a standardized test. Therefore, he is stupid, insane, and doomed to a life of failure." At the end he says "Call me a dreamer if you like. I suppose I am. And that’s only because I didn't spend enough time taking standardized tests in kindergarten." I'm sure this isn't true for every school and I know and love TONS of teachers, but this really makes me think.

This one is from Ann Voskamp. Goodness sakes, I love this lady. Someday I'm going to meet here and hug her so tight. Isn't this just so good?

And this..."I'd rather them talk about me, instead of them talking about her." Oh my word, this is worth a few minutes.


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  1. thanks for sharing these good to see things that really matter!


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