Monday, February 17, 2014

A Monday List: A Non-Traditional Valentine's Day

     Our Valentine's Day was a bit more non-traditional this year, as I suppose it usually is, if you have a herd of little ones. He had to work late and I ended up having a very non-romantic dinner with my crazy kiddos. After bedtime, I painted my nails, put on a dress and we ate dinner at home. It ended up being one of the best dinners we've had together, right here, in our own dining room.

     We finally went out today, just the two of us and we spent a few hours running around to different antique and thrift stores. If you're looking for a really fun non-traditional date idea, I totally recommend doing this. 

A few things I've learned from our non-traditional Valentine's Day:

1. Take-out Mexican food after the kids are in bed is just as good as anything.
2. Candle light makes even chips and salsa feel romantic.
3. Dressing up and eating dinner at home feels silly at first, but after you get over that, it's really fun.
4. If you can't go out on Valentine's Day, going out on say a Monday afternoon is just as good.
5. Antiquing/ thrift store treasure hunting is such a fun date and something I hope we do more often.
6. Your husband giving your daughter flowers on Valentine's Day is just about the sweetest thing ever.
7. I'm horrible about laughing really loud at the inappropriate cards, while shopping for a good one.

A few photos.

This girl, during dinner on Valentine's Day. Oh my, she wasn't having it.
Our dinner, after the kids were in bed. Yes, we have water and milk in our wine glasses and I realize that this makes us totally lame. What can I say? It doesn't take much to make us happy.
A few photos from when we were out antiquing today. The snow geese are all over right now and they're beautiful!

 One of my favorite things that we found today. We started reading it to the kids tonight and I absolutely love it. It's old and it has that great old book smell.
I learned this weekend that there's no right or wrong way to celebrate Valentine's Day. There's no prefect gift or perfect date. With a bunch of little kids, carving out that time together isn't easy, but it's so necessary. I kind of love that our Valentine's Day ended up being very different. That we dressed up and ate at home, late after the kids were in bed. And that we went out by ourselves on a Monday afternoon, instead of a Friday night and we antiqued, instead of sitting in a fancy restaurant. It was us and it was good.



  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! I love old books:) We actually had something similar, we ended up going out on Sunday afternoon and used up an old groupon I had for pizza and then Dan took me to the
    Goodwill. Have you ever been to the Red Door in Mount Vernon? I've heard good things about it and want to check it out sometime:)

  2. Sounds like our dates were very similar! How fun! I haven't heard of the Red Door, but I just googled it and I want to go. It looks really neat! Sometime, we should leave the kids with their Dads and go together. Wouldn't that be fun?!

  3. One of my favorite dates with my husband was a night we sat on the floor and ripped off hunks of bread and ate it with havarti cheese. :)

  4. this makes me your creativity and "outside the box" ideas...oops sorry, you might have inherited the inappropriate laughing at cards from your Mom!

  5. Yes! We should do that:)

  6. I think that sounds perfect, omitting the crazy kiddo dinner part : ) I like non-traditional. We were down to one child thanks to Gramma and still just did Safeway chinese and a movie from Redbox and it was just right.

  7. My husband would have loved that. Safeway chinese is his favorite! Glad you guys had a good date!

  8. Ok, you just made me hungry for bread and cheese. That sounds so fun!

  9. Yes, I think I get the inappropriate laughing from you! Thanks. ;)

  10. My husband brought our girls flowers home too!! So sweet! We too did a dinner date night at home. It was a surprise to him... got the girls out of the house and a call from him saying he has to work late! Haha go figure! It ended up turning out tho. (Which was good because dinner was already done!)


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