Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Sick Baby and a Love Flash Mob

After 2 hours at the walk-in clinic today with Eliza, I just need to say that I'm emotionally spent. Mama is exhausted, to say the least. I realized this afternoon that there's pretty much nothing worse in the world than watching your baby feel helpless and miserable, while having weird stuff done to her, that she doesn't understand, and that you can't explain to her. It's torture to watch your baby go through horrible stuff, that you know is for her good, but of course she can't understand. All she does is look at you, with tears streaming down her face, and wonder why you aren't fixing it.

It all started with a simple trip in to see if she might have an ear infection. The poor girl has had a runny nose for a few days and randomly she's been crying out in pain. No fever, but my mama-gut told me to take her in and when your mama instinct tells you something, you listen. Right?

So, we went in. Checked ears, one is infected. Darn. Then the Doctor tried listening to her lungs, but the stethoscope made her scream, so she decided to she wanted to do a chest x-ray. 

All I can say is that chest x-rays on a baby are basically torture. For an x-ray, you need to be perfectly still and so, they strap the baby into this weird plastic contraption super tightly. The baby must stay in, while multiple x-rays are taken and reviewed, to make sure the quality is good enough. A few minutes felt like an hour, while she cried and cried, looking at me, wondering why I wasn't doing anything. 

What was originally supposed to be just a little check for an ear infection, turned into this big ordeal, talk of breathing treatments, talk of us having to stay home for a week (like not leave the house for 7 days) and multiple prescriptions. Her lungs are full of junk and while she doesn't have pneumonia right now, I'm supposed to watch her very carefully and bring her back in tomorrow. 

While I was there, I was thinking about all of you Mamas who deal with this stuff on a regular basis. I've been lucky to never have to deal with anything more than a little ear infection here and there, normal flu and the normal colds that everyone gets. But, some of my Mama friends have way to much experience putting on a strong face, while their kids are miserable. 

So, today I thought of you and how strong you are. I'm amazed at the courage that some of you have, to deal with hard medical stuff on a regular basis. Just one chest x-ray almost put me over the edge today, but it's nothing compared to what some of you deal with. 

On Valentine's Day,  I'm partnering with Lisa-Jo Baker and a bunch of other women. Together, we're forming a flash mob, to bless the Maubane Community in South Africa with enough money for a garden. That's all you guys, a garden. A garden that will continually change this community.

It's going to be a big LOVE FLASH MOB, because we aren't all that different. I'm a Mama who can't stand to see her baby hurting, and you're a Mama who also knows how that feels. 

As strong women, we have the opportunity to make changes in our world. We do ordinary things and we do extraordinary things. On Friday, this is going to be one of those extraordinary things. Remember what a community of women can do together. In my opinion, I think that if anyone can make a big dent in the world for good, it's a bunch of strong women. Yes?
On Friday, I'll post more info about the way we're going to bless this community. For now, you can go here to learn more. I'm off to snuggle my baby.


  1. Angela this sounds horrible. When you were describing Eliza strapped down for the x-ray I felt like I was right there with you. :-( Poor baby. When Ben was 16 days old he was at Children's Hospital and I remember feeling so helpless while they did a spinal tap, took blood and fluids and he was hooked up to all the IV's. It was awful. Prayers for health, and peace for you.

  2. Thanks..I pary that Eliza is all better very soon. I sure do appreciate how, in the midst of your difficulty here, you choose to look beyond and support other mothers. Inspiring indeed!

  3. Hi Angela! Coming in from the launch team page. I'm so excited about the love flash mob! Can't wait to see how fast the goal is reached. :)
    Praying for your little one - love her name!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about sweet Eliza will be praying she feels better soon. Having sick babies is the worst:(


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