Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dear Mom, Who Bought a Box of Valentines

"Dear Mom who bought a box of Valentines,
You are no less than any other Mom, neither are you any more. You are just as great now as you were before you tossed that cheap box into your cart. I hope you let your kids choose the ones they love and I hope you had them do the assembly, as much as they were capable of. 

I also hope that you know that these Valentines are just as important, although they might not have caused you any late nights or needed any glue. I hope you don't feel any less important, just because they were completed with a swipe of your debit card and 10 minutes at the table. I hope you know that your kids love them and so will their friends."

Today I'm sharing something I bravely wrote the other night over at All Mom Does. Come read more here. 



  1. Oh, this was so really fun to read...I just love the way you shared your experience of your kids reeeealllly wanting the cheap valentines!!! I like all valentines equally...and the little cheap ones remind me of those special times as a young child learning to express my love to friends.. ..sweet simple memories of good times. thank you!

  2. Yes! We went super simple, boxed Valentines for Darby's first year of preschool. And even farther, we didn't even add candy because I knew there was already a ton of candy coming everyone's way. Darby had an absolute blast picking them out and writing on them and she's too young to compare her's to everyone else's. But I totally had a mom guilt attack when I saw some of the gorgeous Pinterest worthy Valentines that came home. Especially as a new SAHM, I felt like I should have gone the extra mile. But it would have all been for me, not for my sweet Valentine. Thanks for the affirmation and congrats on the guest blog post!


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