Sunday, February 23, 2014

Simple Things Sunday: Snow Edition

This weekend wasn't anything fancy, but the little things felt extraordinary and that's just how it should be. I wore my baby in the snow, snapped a ridiculous amount of pictures, ate Indian food with some special friends, visited with my sister over coffee while my baby napped and our kids played, loved the sermon at church, watched a movie with my love, shopped with my family at Trader Joes, painted with the kids and enjoyed a little adventure to find some more snow after ours melted.

Saturday morning we woke up to the smallest dusting of snow. Even during breakfast, the kids played with snow- by blowing a tiny little snowman across the table as they finished their oatmeal. Moments later, boots were pulled on over jammies, fingers were smushed into gloves and they were out the door---only to come in 5 minutes later 'cuz someone needed to pee. 

At that moment, I felt like I was right there with all the other Mamas in the world, drinking coffee, stuffing kids into snowsuits, directing fingers into the right glove hole, all while still in my pajamas. We put them in the gear, we take them out of the gear, we wipe up snow puddles on our floors, we do the extra laundry and then when they say they want to go out in the snow again, we say okay! We make cocoa, blow on cold hands, find dry hats and it's work, but I love it. The mornings that we wake up to snow are so rare and so worth it.

We ended up heading over the my sister's place to visit and play. The kids had the best time and Eliza even took a good nap over there! Later in the day, our snow melted and so we covered the table with brown paper packaging and painted snow scenes. 

Today we went to church and it was so, so good. Later in the day, we decided to stir things up a bit and hop into the car to go find some more snow. Let's be honest and say that when you have 3 little ones, you don't just go hop into the car. It does require a bit of preparation, but it was so worth it. Just about an hour from here, we found a winter wonderland and I think my cheeks hurt from smiling.

A few (using that term lightly) photos from the weekend:



  1. thanks for the joyful snow pictures!

  2. Look at those trees!! Beautiful!! You should see ALL the snow we have had!!! It hasn't stopped over here!! We have snowbanks as tall as my 3 year old and drifts as tall as me!


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