Friday, March 7, 2014

A Few Favorites

A few favorites from this week.

This quote.
Basically, this is what's been speaking to me all week. This is what I need to plaster to my walls. This is what matters and although I know this and I believe it, I'm still not living this out like I should be. My lists always seem like the priority and this week, I've been remembering once again that reading to them is more important, getting outside is necessary, saying yes is what I need to do and that all the other stuff, falls under those things. This is my biggest struggle as a Mom. I could preach for hours about how much more important I think children are and yet, I still want to sweep my floors instead of play Legos. God is working on me in this area.

This pin board.
It's all about chickens and it's my sweet friend Barb's board. It just makes me happy and if you're looking for any chicken ideas, her board is lots of fun.
This---walks with the kids.
Fresh air, puddles, trails and sunshine. Oh, and I saw a BIG snake and I didn't even scream or say any bad words. Be proud of me, it wasn't easy.
This kitchen.
Isn't it gorgeous? This summer, we're planning on painting our ugly oak cabinets white and I think I've talked my husband into letting me paint a teal accent wall. I'm craving more color in our home and I love how light, bright and airy this looks.
This recipe.
Last week, a friend at my MOPS table made this for our group and it was AMAZING! She followed this recipe, but left out the spinach. I'm making this next week for sure. It was so good.
Happy Friday, friends. I'm off to read and listen to the frogs. They're so loud right now--one of the best sounds ever!

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  1. Love your list-especially that quote! I SO need to remember that too!

  2. Thank you Lisa. I love that quote also. It's so true, isn't it!

  3. That color will be so fun with all the colors in your home! That quote is so right on...I think we all need reminding about "the most important things"! Your blog is really like a breath of fresh air.

  4. I love you new blog header!!! Perfect!

    Also, can I make this entire post my favorite too? So fun.

  5. Oh Janiene, thank you! I hope you had a great weekend!

  6. love this! i too am a mommy of 3 little ones (3 & under!) and love your heart and struggle expressed here ~ it very much echos mine! blessings


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