Monday, March 31, 2014

Getting Some Sun

So, you know how I warned that these little chicks were going to get all ugly in their teenage phase? Well, I'm not seeing it. At 3 weeks, they're half feathered, loosing their down, a bit awkward, but still so cute. Yes? Have I lost my mind? Am I seeing them through my Mama lens?
Today it was warm, sunny and completely gorgeous so, I let them hangout under an upside down laundry basket for awhile. They love time out of the brooder, to peck around and get a taste of the big outside world.
Chickens are funny. They like to stick together so, if one walks somewhere, they all follow. If one flaps her wings and tries to fly, a moment later, they're all giving it a try. They love getting out in the grass and having a change of scenery, but even out there, they like to stick together.

I sat with them in the grass for awhile and they stayed pretty close to me. These ones aren't the most tame. Woodbark wins that prize, but they still stay close and don't mind a good visit in the sun.

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  1. I think your little feathery teenagers are adorable...besides looking through the mama lens is great!! They look good and happy in the green grass!


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