Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Hey there, Woodbark

Today my sister and I switched kids for the afternoon and it was great. We've reached this spot where it's actually easier to have a friend (or cousin) over, than not. The boys played so well together and when I went out to clean the brooder, they left their manliness at the door and giggled on the grass with the chicks. 

Two things have happened with the chicks this week. For starters, what I knew was coming is starting to happen---they're getting a little less cute. They're starting to lose their baby feathers and they're entering that awkward phase. It's okay though- we still love them. 

The second thing is that they want to fly. Above, is one of the Buff Orpington chicks. I left the cover off the brooder for just a minute while I was cleaning it and she flew right up and perched on the ledge. I keep on telling them that they still have a few weeks in there, but they're not listening. 
Woodbark, the Black Australorp is the sweetest chick. She better be a she and not a he, because she's becoming my favorite. When she's out with us, she just wants to sit on my hand and hang out. So far, she wins the prize for best personality.
Prizes are extra Chicken Crack, and yes, I just said Chicken Crack. It's a treat that we bought off Amazon and the chicks love it.
So, when you see little spots all over the boy's pants, don't worry, those are just chick treats. Not, you know, chicken poop.
Woodbark honestly makes me want to bring her inside, which is crazy since I can't even handle the messes that my own children make. 
 Just tonight I wondered if she'd sit with me while we watch Duck Dynasty.
Think my husband would notice if I was snuggled up on the couch with a chicken? Think chickens like Duck Dynasty?
 Well, I'm just joking so you don't have to answer that.
I hope you've had a good day. We had our second t-ball practice tonight and I discovered that I'm the Mom who claps even when the kids are basically just running across the field. I just can't help it. I might need to tone it down and wipe that goofy grin off my face. Seeing them out there having fun makes me want to burst. 

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  1. looks like you now have teenage cute!!!


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