Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Meet the Chicks

Well, our long awaited chick day finally came and today we picked up our 6 babies. We decided on 1 Black Australorp, 1 Amber White, 2 Golden Sexlinks and 2 Buff Orpington. All of these breeds should be really laid back with the kids and also good layers. 

We are so excited and although we aren't supposed to handle them much for the first few days, I couldn't help but let the kids hold their favorites for just a few pictures. Kids+baby chicks+sunshine, who can resist? Not I!
 This is Tilly, with Paisley. Can't you just see the love?
Kiss, kiss---because when you're holding a day old chick, you can't really help but want to kiss them.
Judah's favorite is the Black Australorp. This chicken already has a big personality and seems like the most friendly of the bunch. 
 Hi, Woodbark. You're funny and we love you. Yes, you are named Woodbark. Judah has been set on that name for awhile. Own it, my friend.
 Notice the chicken poop on Judah's other hand? Yep, these chicks hold nothing back. I think we'll be washing our hands extra from now on and hey, we're okay with that.
These happy chicks are getting used to their brooder box. They are only a day or two old and they were shipped from Mexico so, I'm hoping they all continue to handle the adjustment well. So far, they're all be-boppin' around and they've discovered their food and water. It's been a good start, I'd say.

Since they all look similar, I took pictures of them and labeled the photos with their breed and their name (or no name, if they're still waiting). We love these ladies---well, let's hope that they're ladies. We want eggs and obviously, they're pets, too. These hens were made for love'n and that's just what we'll do.



  1. I love your chickens and the names your children have bestowed upon them. I am sure the names yet to be revealed will be equally wonderful. Don't know why children and baby chicks are so cute together, but they sure are!!

  2. Adorable!!!! I love their names. My favorite is Woodbark :) I can't wait to see them grow and learn from your journey.

  3. Yay! You got your chicks! Can't wait to see more of your fluffy new babies : )

  4. Aaaaaa! So much cuteness! Nearly every memory I have of you involves some kind of baby animal. I love that your kiddos can experience this too! : )

  5. Anna! It's so fun to experience this with the kids! How are you guys?


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