Monday, March 24, 2014

Pirate Traps

We finished our first chapter book with the kids the other night. Well, to be honest, when I say "we", I mean Daddy did. He's been reading through Swiss Family Robinson with them at bedtime and ever since they conquered the pirates, our home has turned into a series of pirate traps. Basically, it's hard to walk across the grass these days without tripping over a rope, which signals a wheelbarrow to fall over and grass to spill. It's dangerous around here, I'm telling ya. I have a 5 year old engineer-minded kid and when you pair that with Swiss Family Robinson, suddenly your house is prepared for pirates.
The other night, he asked Daddy to help him make a bow and arrow. With a willow trimming, some red duct tape and some string, they got the job done. I never knew my husband could make one of these that would actually fly---and it doesn't just fly, it flies well. Like, we're serious when we're telling him that he can't be aiming this at people.
See, there's something that you never know until you're actually right there in it. You marry someone and you think "Oh yeah, that guy will make a great Dad. He'll be kind, patient and fun. He's made for it." 

Then, 5 years later, out of the blue, he'll whip up a simple bow and arrow with your son and the way he'll gently hold that little boys hand, while he teaches him how to use it, will just about make you melt. 

You'll grab your camera and days later, you'll still be thinking about what a great bow and arrow that man makes. 
Hope your week is off to a great start. I'll be trying not to fall into the pirate traps. 
♥ Angela

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