Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Speaking at Pregnancy Choices

I sat on a couch today with a Mama who shared that she won't see her little girl again for 3 years. I don't know her full story, but she held her daughter's picture in her hand tightly and when I wanted to make small talk, I offered to go get her a drink. She said she likes hot cocoa so, as I poured the hot water and stirred in the mix, I racked my brain for words to say to her, to show her that I care, but to not get too up in her business. Isn't it sometimes hard to just not know the perfect words to say?

This couch lined with girls, this room, full of these women, some pregnant and some with little babies, were all gathered together to learn life skills. I'd been invited to come and teach them about making homemade baby food, apple sauce and smoothies. Just healthy food for them and healthy food for their kids----but to hopefully empower them through something simple like this, to realize their worth and to take the small choice like feeding their baby the best and then roll that into bigger and better life choices.

This particular gal sipped her cocoa and then looking at me, asked if I'd stirred it. She said it tasted funny and a bit embarrassed (although, I did stir it) I tried to laugh it off and explain that I'd made it with water, since there wasn't any milk there to use. She told me how she didn't like it and asked me to go dump it out.

I took her cup, got up, went to the bathroom and slowly washed her cocoa down the sink. On the way to the bathroom, I passed by the room that my 2 older ones were playing in. I was nervous to bring them with me, really nervous. I wanted to show up, put together.  I wanted to rehearse in the car, pray and enjoy silence, not hear Mama, Mama, Mama, 500 times on our half hour drive. But, God had different plans so, I brought them with me and I learned once again, that His ways are so much better than my own. He has us bring our kids with us places for a reason. He pulls us out of our comfy boxes into something that's so much bigger than ourselves.

On our drive there, they learned that they were coming with Mama to teach these ladies how to make food for their babies, how to make healthy choices and take care of themselves. I explained that they would play quietly and take care of each other, while they waited for me. They asked me questions like what does "foster" mean and we had a really great talk, that went much easier than I would have expected. To them, things are simple. I'm the one who always wants to over complicate things.

As I stood in front of those ladies and spoke, I thought about my kids back there, playing with toys and waiting for me. They are my life and having them with me actually felt right. When we go serve, shouldn't our kids see us doing it? It's so tempting to leave the Mama part of me at home sometimes and not show the fuzzy-haired frazzled side of me---the Mama who frantically grabs hands in a parking lot, while carrying bags and boxes, all while promising chocolate granola bars in the car. And when I'm praying for God to just use me, shouldn't they see it? Isn't it okay to tell our kids that Mama needs to think for a minute and prepare? Isn't it good for them to see us feel nervous?

Sharing with the ladies went really well. They were so sweet and very willing to participate in the class. After the baby food was done, the ones that had their babies with them, let their babies try it. The moms seemed really excited about how easy it is to make healthy choices for themselves and their kids.

Being with them probably blessed me more than it did them. All of their different backgrounds and all of their different struggles and I got to stand in front of them and talk about something so simple like food, when they've all been through so much. And those kids of mine? Well, I was so proud of them. I'm so glad they came with me and I wish I would've taken picture, but it just didn't feel right at the time.

I'll be back tomorrow with a little update on the chick-chick-chickies. In a week, they've trippled in size and we love them tons so, they better all be hens.

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  1. This is awesome Angela! Good for you for putting yourself out there and getting through the nerves and awkward moments. I'm sure your presence and talk helped them more than you can know. Sometimes we just need some one to show up for us, you know?


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