Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Brooder that Made Me Cry

If you've been reading around here for awhile, it's probably become obvious that I'm a bit of a country girl. I try to keep it under wraps, but then I do something totally wack-o like cry over a beautiful brooder and I totally blow my cover. I was raised on 11 acres, without a TV and basically, my sister and I spent our childhood playing outside. So, it only seems natural that this little family of mine would be getting chicks, right? And if I had it my way, we'd also be getting bunnies and maybe some goats and well...I suppose I'll need to wait for those things until we actually LIVE in the country, not in a cul-de-sac. Actually, it's maybe a bit ridiculous how fun I think this chick thing is going to be. Inside I'm jumping up and down. On the outside, I'm just trying to act all cool, you know, like it's no big deal. But don't be fooled, on the inside I'm like a giddy 12 year old girl.

So, a few weeks back, my Dad called me right after I'd hung up from talking with the Country Store. I told him about the chicks and how we'd be figuring out a way to hang the heat lamp safely above the brooder. I played it off like no biggie---we've totally got this under control, but on the inside I was having anxiety about this hot light that would be in our garage. Anxiety is something that's become more real to me in the last year. It's not for this post, but it's become a thing in my life that I've never had to deal with before. For those of you that deal with anxiety, I'm so sorry. It just totally stinks, doesn't it? And it's so real, even when it doesn't make sense. 


My Dad called me a few days later and asked if he could build us a brooder box. He said that he had scrap wood that he'd like to use and that it'd be fun for him. Mind you, he didn't know about this anxiety about the heat lamp that I'd been having. He just likes doing this type of project and we gladly accepted. My Dad is like over the top safe and his offer took so much of my anxiety away.

Yesterday we went to pick up that brooder box and you guys, I just cried. This is so much more than a beautiful place for little chicks. This is the way my Dad shows love. He is the most skilled builder that I know and here's the thing....this is what he ENJOYS. He does this because it makes him happy--no strings attached. It's him using his skills when he sees a need and it blesses others like crazy.

These pictures are awful because I took them in the garage and well....
A. Garages aren't pretty.
B. Garages have horrible lighting for photos.
C. I had to use my flash.

So, please look past all of that.

This is the brooder box that made my cry. I think I'll keep it forever and use it for something really fun after it's no longer housing our little chicks. Isn't it lovely?
The little nesting bar and how it's lined with plastic (think easy clean up) are some of my favorite details. 

The little broom and dust pan are for also for easy cleaning. Now I wish we were getting more than just 6 chicks.

The heat lamp can easily be raised and lowered, depending on the temperature that the chicks need.
So that, my friends, is the brooder that made me cry. Thanks, Dad!
Next week....Chicks!


  1. that brooder is a work of art that spells "love from Dad" all over it...wow!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! That box is amazing! What a sweet gift. I would cry too. Can't wait to see your chicks!

  3. Thank you Sareh! How are you and your girls doing?


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