Sunday, April 27, 2014

Bits of the Weekend

Goodness, what a fun few days we've had, with a big sad thing in the middle. 
Friday, we spent a few hours at Jungle Playland with the cousins. I figured it was time to take the kids again, since after all, they've been playing "Jungle Playland" at bedtime, instead of going to sleep. When your kids are actually setting up the playland in their room and acting it all out, you know it needs to happen.

So, when we woke up on Friday, I bribbed them to be really good with Jungle Playland. The truth is, we were planning on going no matter what, but hey, it worked. They were angels and we all had a great time.

Auntie Sally brought cupcakes to celebrate Jackson's birthday and you can see from the photos below that Paisley really enjoyed her blue frosting.
When we came home, I went to check on the chicks and what I found was awful. In broad daylight, something had tried to pull our chicks through the chain link run, killing one and injuring Tilly. 

Quickly, I rushed the kids inside, stuck them in front of a show and called my sister to come over. Here's where she adds just one more reason to the list of why she's the best sister in the world.  You all know we love these chicks and when I found the one dead, with feathers and blood everywhere and then Tilly with missing feathers and a hurt foot, I was a mess. While I was crying and freaking out a bit, sister just calmly helped me clean it all up and that's just one more reason why I love her a ton. A good friend is there for you ALL the time, even when you're a wreck because one of your chickens dies.

I don't know for sure what killed it and hurt Tilly, but I'm guessing an Eagle, since we saw one sitting on our neighbor's fence today and then fly down into his yard. An eagle- in the middle of town going after chickens. I didn't expect that! Now we're wrapping their chain link run with 1/4 inch wire and they won't be free-ranging for awhile, unless we're right there with them. 
 Friday evening, Eliza came out and "helped" me weed the strawberries. This girl is getting ready for a summer of being outside and she's loving every second of it. Pure sunshine, she is!
Right before bedtime, I sat down on the swing with her and as I pumped, she almost drifted off to sleep on me. I love this picture of her.
Saturday morning, I was happy to see that Tilly was up and eating. I think she'll be okay. Her foot was really hurt, but she isn't letting that stop her. She's got things to see and stuff to do. Also, she really loves a good selfie from time to time.

Hi Tilly.
 Later on Saturday, we cheered Judah on at his first T-Ball game. As I stood there, with cousins and some of our favorite friends, I just couldn't believe that suddenly I have a kid old enough to make me one of those T-Ball parents. For years, I drove by the busy school parking lots filled with mini-vans and Moms pushing strollers and just like that, I'm one of them. I was even part of that crazy-long line going through McDonald's after the game on Saturday. Yep, I'm one of them now and I love it.
The cool thing about T-Ball is that there's no pressure. No score, just fun. After the game, he told me over and over what a great time he had. This is his first team sport and it's such a positive first experience so far.
I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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  1. I love the pic of you holding Eliza on the swing!!! So happy that Tilly is ding well...this is just a great post with so many wonderful things...Thanks for sharing the joy!!


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