Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Country in the Cul-de-sac

I distinctly remember sitting and crying after we signed papers on this house almost 3 years ago. It was banked owned and the previous owners had done nothing with the property. There was no grass, only weeds. No flowers and no flower beds and there were no trees. There was nothing, except a quarter acre of weeds. 

Judah had just discovered how wonderful it is to play outside and after signing those papers, I realized that my boy wouldn't have any trees to play in. Well, let's fast forward a few years. God has been so faithful to us here. 

Tonight we had our first salad of the year from the garden and although we aren't really "country", we've brought our piece of country into this cul-de-sac.

Lettuce, spinach and cilantro from the garden for tonight's taco salad. 
Since moving in almost 3 years ago, we've planted everything from fruit trees, to willows, to hydrangeas, to roses, lilacs and bulbs. We've built garden beds, planted  herbs given to us from friends. Planted rhubarb, flowers and veggies. My husband has worked his tail off getting rid of those weeds and now we have beautiful grass. I truly am so thankful every time I see a bird in one of our trees or see a flower that we planted bloom.
Right now we have strawberries growing. These were given to us from Judah's preschool teacher's Mom. Our little community is the best. Plants from friends just seem extra special, you know?
And of course, we have these 6 ladies. They're just more and more fun all the time. Now they want to follow us around the yard. My next thing is learning how to compost their manure for the garden. Today I had the most fun conversation with our pediatrician about this and once again, I love this little town. You take your daughter in for her well-child appointment and end up getting inspired to compost your manure. See, you really never know what's going to happen!

We also have lettuce growing right now and since we have a limited garden space, I have it growing in containers. It works---quite well actually!
 The peas are getting tall and looking to climb. I really need to get out there and set up a trellis for them.

Cosmos and cilantro are growing along the chicken coop. Don't you just love cosmos? I wish I had a whole field of this stuff!

 Basil and some other flowers are also planted next to the coop.
This year I planted Marigolds next to the broccoli. I hope they keep the bugs away!
 My broccoli is floppy, but it's growing well so, we'll see!
 We have chives, mint, rosemary, thyme and dill growing, too.

 This garden bed has garlic, spinach, beets and carrots.

 So, that's what our garden is up to these days. I need to start zucchini and pumpkins and get ready to plant corn sometime soon. Isn't this time of year fun?

What are you growing right now?

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