Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Bloopers

A few bloopers from our before-church photo shoot yesterday. You know, just in case your kids didn't smile perfectly at the camera either. We did get some good ones, but I have to share these funny ones, because they make me almost fall out of my chair laughing.

I told them it wouldn't take long, AS LONG as everyone looked at the camera, smiled and cooperated. After all, it's Easter and it shouldn't be too much to get a great family photo, with all 3 kids looking genuinely happy right?

I wish I had clever captions for these, but I think I ate too many peanut butter eggs yesterday and my brain still isn't functioning properly. I honestly have nothing.... zippo....nada.  

I'm working with photos tonight, and very, very few words. I just can't do it. Too many eggs, I'm telling ya. The good news is that the peanut butter egg hangover should be better in a few days and we'll all be back to normal. 

Easter bloopers.

Our day was really wonderful. My Dad came to church with us and then after that, my Mom and Step-dad came over and we all had lunch together. We did an Easter Egg hunt for the kids, ate way too much ham and spent the afternoon together.

Here are a few more Easter memories:

 While the kids were hunting for eggs, we found this real Robin's Egg in the grass. Kind of fun!

 Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


  1. these are great...we had such a great time with you and your sweet family!!

  2. Oh my goodness!! Those pics are hilarious!!! You and your family look great!!

  3. Amana- aren't the kids so funny? I was cracking up as I went through these! How was your Easter?

  4. We had a great Easter!! Perfect day, perfect weather!


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