Thursday, April 10, 2014

Locks of Love and My Big Cut

So, before I share about the biggest hair cut of my life, I just need to clear the air and warn you that this post is full of weird selfies, of horrible quality. One of the age old blogging rules is to always blog with great quality photos. Tonight, I'm so breaking that rule. I'm sharing something that's important to me, with photos that look like Cousin It.
Grace people, have lots of grace with me.
It's just embarrassing and I really should have taken some better "before and after" photos, but I didn't and I do want to share about donating my hair to Locks of Love. So, laugh with me, okay? I already feel weird enough that I cut 18 inches of hair off yesterday and my own children hardly recognize me.
If we're friends on Pinterest, you might have noticed that I've been pinning shoulder length styles for awhile now and finally, I decided to just go for it. When pulled straight, my hair was an inch from touching the top of my pants and as you can imagine, it just wasn't easy with 3 little kids. No matter what I was doing, my hair was always in the way and Eliza was always yanking on it.  And so, like lots of Moms do, I wore it tied up most of the time.

Finally, I was just sick of pulling it back and never liking how it looked. I started searching for shoulder length styles, found a few that I liked and made my appointment. On my way to my appointment, I felt like I might just throw up from nerves and while she cut it, we chatted away like everything was normal, but oh my word, everything was not normal. How could it be? She had just braided my hair and those scissors were cutting off my braids, while we basically talked about the weather. It was weird, really weird.

For me, the thing that makes this easier, besides knowing that I'm totally ready for something different, like not getting my hair pulled all day, is that I cut off enough hair for probably at least two hairpeices. I'm mailing my braids to Locks of Love, which is an amazing organization that blesses financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada under age 21 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis with hairpieces.
My head feels really light, Judah says he misses my old hair, Paisley says I look pretty, Eliza is still trying to figure me out and my husband claims to "like the color". Really, I'm glad I did it. It was time for a change.


  1. you were brave to do this...and for such an important cause!! wow...your hair was and is still very very pretty!!

  2. It looks great!! :) What a change! I did the same thing years ago--my hair was to my butt, then I cut it to above my shoulders. I'm trying to grow it out again. :P


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