Friday, April 11, 2014

Room to Stretch Their Wings

Yesterday was kind of a big day for these little ladies. For one, I finally got around to painting two sides of their coop and isn't it a nice shade of red? Just ignore the front doors, those will be red too, with the white trim. Picture it finished, please?
The run will be made from chain link and closed in with chicken wire on top. We ended up ordering it online and it should be here soon. At that point, we'll attach it to the coop and then when it warms up a bit, we'll open up this handy little door that my hubby made and it'll be time for the chicks to hop outside and soak in the sun.

So, back to yesterday.

It was a big day for them since not only did their coop get partially painted this lovely shade of red, but they got to sleep out there last night, with the heat lamp too, of course (it's still around 40 degrees at night- brrr!). They were just entirely too large for their brooder so, yesterday they packed their suitcases, told the brooder that it's been fun and hit the road.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To move into the coop.  Duh.

Sorry, I just couldn't help it. There are so many chicken jokes to be made. Trust me when I say that I'm holding back. Unfortunately, I can't think of even one "chicken crossed the road" joke that's funny. Can you think of one? I obviously can't.
Today Paisley and I went out to see how they were liking their new digs and they seem to be settling in quite well. The funny thing about chickens is how if one does it, then they all do it.
We opened up the door to let them out for some fresh air and for a moment, they all stood there, just wondering if venturing out would really be a good idea.
 Then two of them hopped onto my toes. Wasn't expecting that.
 Then a few more hopped out.
And Joy just sat there. She's very chill and the biggest. Maybe that's why she's the biggest? She likes to sit a lot.
I love you, big girl.
They walked around looking for bugs, while Paisley and I admired their tail feathers. Aren't they cute?

 Sitting in the sun with Paisley was so relaxing.
 Until she took off my flip flops....
 And started shoving them back on the wrong toes.
 Gosh, I love this girl.
 The chicks love her, too.
 She moved in closer to be with them and within a minute, they were having a visit.
 She is so in her element.


  1. the shade of red is perfect/////yes ,Paisley is sure in her element...such fun!!!

  2. they are getting so big! how fun!! what a perfect home for them too.


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