Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Welcoming May//Happy Things

I woke up early this morning, while my whole house was still very quiet. As the coffee brewed, I stepped outside to let the chicks out. Sunny early mornings are hands down my favorite time of day. When it's sunny and I'm up early, I feel like I could conquer the world all before 7am.

Over the next few hours, I did laundry, made the kids breakfast, got everyone ready for the day and then headed out to take Judah to preschool. Instead of taking the girls back home, we headed to the beach and spent the morning there. I got down into the warm sand and Eliza crawled all over me, while Paisley buried my toes. In those moments, I felt like maybe I should take Facebook off my phone for the summer. I need more of those fully present moments with my kids and less time connected.

I've been thinking a lot lately about those little things that make my heart sing. While talking with a friend recently, I told her about one thing I love doing and how it makes me self conscious. She reassured me that I shouldn't feel self conscious, but I should continue doing that thing that I love.

Our little talk has been sitting in my head, because I think we all have those things that make our hearts sing, but we don't do them often enough, because they aren't what everyone else is doing. It's so easy to compare and feel like we must not be normal, if we don't have the same interests as everyone else. Why do we always forget that we were uniquely and wonderfully made?

I've also been thinking about something another friend shared recently. She said that as she realizes that she can't control the lives of the people around her, she's been realizing that she's called to just live her life beautifully. I just love that. We're all living out our own stories, with our unique gifts and challenges. We shouldn't compare, but instead, we should just live this one life that we're given more beautifully. Daily, I've been wondering, how can I live my life more beautifully?

In just 2 weeks, I'll be turning 30 and that feels a bit crazy. Personally, I think I could stick with 29 for  few more years. I like 29, but what I AM loving is that in my 20's, I feel like I've really figured out a few of those things that make my heart sing---a few of those things that make me....ME. In May, I want to spend our time doing more of those things that keep us full. Spend more time with those people that help fill us up. Visit more of those places. Say yes to more of the things that grow us and freely say no to the things that aren't for my family right now. 

So, as we welcome May, I'm sharing a few of our happy things from the last few days. 

Gardening with this little helper.
 Nature scavenger hunts with Judah and Paisley.

 Drawing what we found and practicing writing (for Judah) after the scavenger hunt.

It's a bird...It's a plane....
 Mornings at the beach with these girls. 
 "Mama, I'm wearing my mud slippers!"

This boy and his Woodbark.


  1. ALEXANDRA BOOTHBYMay 3, 2014 at 6:19 AM

    beautiful and encouraging
    thanks for sharing
    I have been inspired by bloggers to share my journey
    with Huntington's Disease. I would be honored if you
    would follow as i share my heart.

  2. I love the nature hunt by color! Also, I love that your daughter has a shoe off :)
    you are a great mama!
    <3 Janiene


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