Monday, May 19, 2014

8 Things I learned at Beth Moore

I feel like I drank from a fire hydrant all weekend and I'm still trying to catch my breath. Our Women's Retreat at the Beth Moore conference was so very good, but I'm at a loss for words. I just don't know what to say or where to begin. All weekend, walls were stripped down and vulnerability increased. I have pages and pages of notes and I want to share highlights here, but words are failing me. One thing I know is that when words don't come, lists help.
Here are a few little things that I learned this weekend:

1. I think I've never appreciated my husband more. He was my rock while I was gone. Eliza was the sickest she's ever been the night before I was scheduled to leave and I almost canceled. He reassured me that it would be fine and that he would hold down the fort just fine. On the way there, I started feeling terribly sick and after being in the car for almost 2 hours, I called him and told him that I thought I couldn't do it. He reassured me that yes, he would come get me if I really needed him, but that he and the kids were praying for me and that I'd be okay. Moments later I got a voicemail with the kids praying for me. I was a mess of nerves and  he gently pushed me to go, because he knew I needed it. And the kids??? Well, they held up just fine, especially while they played "mud pie". I'm still doing laundry, but these faces are worth it.
2. I love these gals. Love them. What a blessing it was to spend more time with them and get to know them better.
3. Beth Moore's worship team was amazing. Beth was amazing too, but I think I enjoyed the music just as much as I enjoyed her! It was phenomenal. Oh---and they were fun, too. They sang the "Happy" song. Here's a little clip. Aren't they fun?
4. This. 
I am a masterpiece of personality, intellect, emotion, skill, talent, experience and supernatural gifting meant to spread benefits of heaven to people on earth. 
And---YOU are too. 
5. God isn't looking for spectators. He's looking for co-workers. That feeling we have inside, you know, that craving to contribute? Yeah, He created us with that need. He created us to be blessings. He created us to want to be part of His plan.
6. All talents and abilities are given according to the capability and strength of what we can carry on our backs.  God is looking for where there's a store of strength. Be faithful in the small things and grow strength to be faithful in much.
7. You can't get healing in an area that you're hiding. Isn't that so good? Bring that thing out in the open and let God fix it.
8. Use your gifts or loose them. You can never gain more until you're ready to loose what you already have. Get out and risk it. Your perfectionism is a form of deception. Be you---beautifully.
I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my notes from the weekend and that you had a great weekend also. What did you do?

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