Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blog Forward Challenge #2 By Zone Perfect with a GIVEAWAY!

This year, I'm happy to welcome Zone Perfect to the blog. Every few months or so, I've been writing on some of the prompts that they have provided and today, I'm also doing a fun giveaway, provided by Zone Perfect. As always, these opinions are all mine.
To enter the giveaway, scroll to the bottom of this post. 
For me, there are reminders everywhere that this year is nearly half way over. Just a small, I mean HUGE reminder happened yesterday, when I picked Judah up from his last day of preschool. Last day of preschool, EVER. Not just for this year, but as in, ever. As we went through his folder during lunch, I cried. I'm so thankful for what an amazing year it has been so far. Each day I've prayed for safety, for him to be a blessing in his class and for his teacher to have a great day as well. So many prayers have been answered and as we swing into summer, I feel like this year is off to a great start. 

When I wrote my first Zone Perfect post back in February, I shared a few of my goals for the year: 

#1 To go to bed earlier and wake up earlier.
#2 To feed myself and my family healthier foods. 
#3 To do what I'm already doing well, to be okay with saying "No" and make my YES valuable.

So, let's talk a bit about how these goals have been coming along. I've definitely made huge strides when it comes to going to bed earlier. Waking up early is still a struggle for me, but I've come a long way from the day when the kids almost consistently were my alarm clock. As Eliza is older now and consistently sleeps through the night, like the big kids, I have no excuse. Without fail, our days go more smoothly if this Mama is up early with the birds. I've realized that if I want successful days, there's no way around this....I need to get up early. 

Goal #2 "feed myself and my family healthier foods".  This always could use improvement. I realized recently that while my kids don't eat hardly any "junk", they don't eat the wide variety of foods that I'd be the most proud to be serving them either. I've realized that I get stuck in the rut of feeding them the same healthy foods all the time and therefore, they don't have the opportunity to try new things and become accustomed to the foods that I'd like them to be used to. In this area, I definitely need to switch things up a bit. I'm kind of like an old dog that needs some new tricks, know what I mean?

For goal #3 "To do what I'm already doing well, to be okay with saying "No" and make my YES valuable", I'd say that I'm happy with this area of life right now. The things that I'm involved in  (MOPS, Womens Ministry etc.) I really love. I feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to be right now and I feel freedom to not do every other thing, just because that's what someone else is doing. I've learned that what works for one gal, doesn't always work for another. Everyone has a different thing that they're called to be doing, as does every family with the amount of activities that they choose to do or choose not to do. We're all created differently and it's okay to say "No", to make our "Yes" more valuable. 
Zone Perfect has created some fun printables that can help make healthy choices easier. To print these off, just save the image to your computer and then print them in any size you choose. In addition to these printables, Zone Perfect offers $10 in savings, when you join  the VIP program. To sign up, click here

To keep you charged and moving forward, Zone Perfect is offering one lucky winner one of these portable chargers. I've been using mine and I absolutely love it. 

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