Sunday, May 4, 2014

Country Yogurt

I determined tonight that one of the best gifts my husband can give me is taking care of the kids, while I slip outside to garden. I spent a few hours out there this evening, planting, weeding and starting another garden bed in the back. We're making the most of the space that we have here, but I'm dreaming of land. I'm aching for it actually. There's only so much country that I can bring into this cul-de-sac, you know? We have the chickens, we have the tire swing, we're doing the garden. That about maxes it out, unless we wanted to start getting really crazy.

Tonight I read a post that a friend of a friend wrote about her longing for land, where she can run until she's out of breath and she'll still be on her very own property. My goodness, that girl can write. Her post echoed my own feelings, to the point of almost an ugly cry, complete with goosebumps, while I read it to Jeremiah.

In the midst of longing to have land, a huge garden and life that's truly simple, I'm so very, very thankful for where we're at and I know that someday, the time will be right and we will have that place in the country that I long for. 

After I came in from gardening, I found this busy little thing pulling a container of yogurt off the table. We're all still adjusting to having a mobile one year old and basically, although I've already been through this twice, I spend my days marveling at how completely busy a one year old can be---AND she's not even walking yet. 

So, since I was all relaxed and happy from working outside,  when I saw her pulling this yogurt off the table and onto the floor, I grabbed the camera, instead of a rag and I snapped away, instead of snapping at my boy for leaving his yogurt on the table. 

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! That girl is so stinking cute!! Loved the pics, can't get mad at that face!!!


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