Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Last Day in my 20's

Last night I went and saw that new movie "Moms Night Out", with a group of friends. If you haven't seen it, you should go. I was either laughing so hard I was smacking my leg or crying because I could so relate to the main character for most of the movie. For one, she was a Mom blogger, which I had no idea about, until I was sitting there and the movie opened up with this neat-freak Mom sitting at her computer, getting ready to write a blog post. Holy wow, that hits way too close to home.

When I realized that the main character was a Mom blogger, I almost sank down into my seat from embarrassment and crawled out of the theater. The whole blogging thing still makes me a bit mortified. Love writing. Love photos, but yeah, it's just embarrassing. The movie was about far more than her blog, though. It was mostly about this group of Moms who just wanted to get away from it all for a night, let their hair down and have some fun.  I get that, too. Getting away and having fun? Sign me up.

The main thing that really got me is when she talked about how this (being a Mom), is all she ever wanted and how she feels so guilty sometimes for not always being happy. I know that feeling far too well. Living my lifelong dream and still feeling restless, like there's something I'm supposed to be doing with myself, but I'm not sure what that is. That crazy feeling of knowing you're beyond blessed and yet, it still feels like there's something missing...or that you were made for more.

Today was my last day in my 20's and although we didn't do anything wild and crazy to wrap up my 20's with a bang, we had a good day at home together. We were planning on going to Bible Study, but the kids were sick and so we stayed home, played outside, had a picnic, worked in the garden, got caught up on laundry and cleaned the bathrooms. Goodness, typing that out sounds like it must have been a pretty lame day. Really, it wasn't. I'm actually really enjoying my clean bathrooms and I love the smell of clean whites. Yep, that's my life.

A few photos from my last day in my 20's. 

These two, having lunch outside. They were giggling like crazy, to the point of driving me a bit nuts and then Paisley stopped and whispered to her brother "I love you". Their relationship blesses my socks off. I'm not a perfect Mom, but these two adore each other and that tells me that I must be doing something right. 
Reason number 500 why I'm thankful for naptime. Again, they're such good buddies, but they're a bit wacky. Wacky is fun, until it's too much and kids are laying on tables and laughing to the point of no return. That's when you thank God for naps. 
 Practicing lacing up Mommy's shoes. 
 Woodbark, smelling flowers. Chickens are so fun. 
Garden helper. Isn't she the cutest little mess?
 Hi, baby. 
Yuck, yuck baby! Blow, don't eat!
 At bedtime, she was feeling so sick that she drifted off to sleep on me. Happy early Birthday to me. I don't get to hold this sleeping baby enough. 
As Judah says, tomorrow I'll be "Firty". Pretty crazy!
Hope you've had a good day, friends!


  1. Hope you have a great birthday!!! Take the kids to go get some ice cream!!!

  2. Happy Firtiest Birthday!!! Sounds like a perfect day. I've been wanting to see that movie…thanks for the good review! It's so true that even though being a Mom is so amazing, it can be surprising to learn how difficult it is and how we aren't always happy all the time…but I think that's okay. We could all work on getting rid of some of our guilt over our emotions. Anyway! I'm glad you had a great birthday!!

  3. Happy birthday! I loved that movie--and saw it on a day that I really needed it! Just wanted you to know that I've been keeping up, but always reading on Feedly means I never comment. :( Love the new haircut, too!


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