Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

I stood in the bathroom last night, brushing my teeth before bed, and a friend came to mind. I actually don't really know her that well, but I heard her story shortly after I became a Mom and it stuck with me. She is a Mama, who might not be recognized today. She grew a baby, gave birth to that baby, loved that baby and then lost that baby. I prayed for her last night, until I fell asleep. Today I think she is just as brave as any other Mother out there and she should be celebrated, just like the rest of us should be.

Mother's Day is one of those holiday's that comes with expectations, even though it shouldn't. Breakfast in bed is classic and of course, flowers. Although I have 3 perfect kids and I've never struggled with infertility problems, I still have a huge passion for praying for ladies that can only dream of being called Mama and God brings ladies to mind that have lost babies and my heart is with them today.

I got pregnant easily, actually, Judah wasn't even planned. 6 years ago, on Mother's Day, I sat in Red Robin and I just knew---I knew that my life was about to be turned upside down in the most beautiful way ever. He was a life long dream, that happened before I knew it was really my time to become a Mom. Although, I'm a fertile myrtle and I can't say that I truly understand what infertility feels like, I have a list of gals that I know long for a baby like I can't even imagine. So, I pray for them, because I know that God cares about that stuff and He hears our hearts and in His timing, He works all things for good.

As I prayed for this gal last night, the one that IS a Mama, but who might not be celebrated in the traditional ways---I just knew that on a day like this, I want to remember that Mamas are so very brave. The Mama who's lost her baby and the gal who aches inside for that baby. You're all so very brave and this day is for you, too.

So, Happy Mother's Day to all the Mamas. To the Mama who washed dishes today and took care of kids while her husband worked. To the Mama who did laundry, because she knew that if she didn't do it today, it'd be there tomorrow. To the Mama that held a crying baby and changed poopy diapers. To the Mama who only really wanted just ONE day off. To the Mama with grown children, that she didn't get to see. To the Mama that has a baby in heaven and isn't remembered as a Mom on Mother's Day. To the Mama, who didn't give birth to that child, but is all that child knows and IS his Mama. And to the future Mama, who's still waiting for her turn. You all matter.

Happy Mother's Day to every single Mama. 
A few photos from our weekend. Saturday morning, the girls and I went to Run for Your Mum, to benefit a local Pregnancy Resource Center. Judah would have joined us, but he was away at a sleep over. Then today for Mother's Day, we spent time at my sister's and then later, my husband's parents came over. After that, they took me on a surprise walk and to Snowgoose, of course. It was a beautiful day and I'm so very grateful that I get to be Mommy to these 3. They have showed me just how flawed I am, how much I need God's help and how deep love can really be. They've made my life so incredibly rich. I'd choose them any day, over anything else.

Run for Your Mum- kicking off the Mother's Day weekend this way was such fun. Too bad the kids forgot to smile. Haha!
Mother's Day walk with these crazy kids. 

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