Saturday, May 24, 2014

Thankful for Freedom

Two years ago, I went for a walk with my one year old through the cemetery, just after they'd put the flags out for Memorial Day. She ran barefoot darting in and out of rows lined with flags. I cried as I watched how free she was and how that isn't to be taken for granted. During that walk, I knew that I wanted our family to come back every Memorial Day. You can read that first post here, if you want.

That walk became a tradition for our family and tonight we walked through again, with kids riding bikes, talking about the flags, about the men and women who served and how much we have to be thankful for. Each year we do this and each year, it looks a little bit different.

I've found that walking through here with the kids is a really easy way to tangibly show them that men and women have gone before us and paved the way. I want them to understand that we shouldn't take our freedom for granted. They are little so they only kinda-sorta get it, as is expected, but this is opening up the doors for their little minds to think and for them to ask questions.

A few photos from our walk tonight.....Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you to all who have served. I wish I could just squeeze all of you!


  1. Happy Memorial Day! Beautiful post!

  2. Amazing way to open to expose our children to the importance of this day. Happy Memorial Day =)


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