Thursday, May 22, 2014

When Life Feels like a Full Thanksgiving Plate

We've had a week full of wrapping things up and all of this wrapping up feels like it could possibly just wrap me up.  While everyone is else joyfully saying their good byes, I'm rolling in a bit late, with the not-so-great brownies that I made....back at home. I forgot them.  I've resorted to yoga pants and the red Christmas pajama shirt that I wore two years ago. We've been doing these things for 9 months now and just like a pregnancy, when 9 months is up, it's UP. I'm feeling the expiration date coming soon. The other Moms are still on time with their cookies and cute outfits and I'm just happy to be there. You know what I mean?

When I tell my kids that it's time to go, they just look at me with blank looks on their faces, like I'm speaking some foreign African dialect. I tell them that I'm actually serious and that we need to go. Instead of moving, they sink onto the floor, or trail off to find some shoes that they haven't wanted to wear for the last month, but suddenly those shoes seem like a great idea.  My cheerful sing-songy "it's time to go kids!", turns into an "It's time to go NOW and I actually need you to MOVE people, remember how we do that? We MOVE!"

What I'm wondering is why I didn't make my thank you gifts back in September when I had more than an ounce of creativity. I'm thankful NOW, very, very thankful, but with my hat on, yoga pants and kids that have forgotten how to get into the car (like we don't do it the same each time), I'm just kind of done. The plan for next year is to make the creative gifts in September. Make the gifts early, feel thankful later, it just makes sense, doesn't it?

I told my husband the other night that I feel like my life is like a full plate on Thanksgiving day. You know the cheap kind, that's sagging at the edges and if you don't carry it with two hands, it will surely cave in. It's full of lots of good things, all of them I love, or else I wouldn't have put them on my plate. But, if I even think about putting another serving of anything on this plate, everything will surely start slip-sliding around and eventually drop off and onto the floor. So, I must sit down with my comfy pants on, laugh with friends and family, breath, eat my turkey, mashed potatoes, roll, stuffing, green bean casserole and finish it all clean before I even think about possibly adding anything else. When this plate is cleared, then I'll know if I have room for dessert, or if I'd like to wait awhile and just enjoy what I've finished.

While many Moms are going crazy registering their kids for this that and the other thing, I'm so looking forward to that day where we have less on our plates. Where we can spontaneously go to the beach if we feel like it (a.k.a- eat another roll), or we can just break out the sprinkler in the backyard and I can work on my tan while the kids go crazy in the water (a.k.a- have a bit more spinach salad, because it's healthy- as is playing in the sunshine and water).

Piling less on our plate isn't lazy, it's healthy sometimes and while I forget brownies at home, pull in late for preschool drop-off and then purge my house of extra junk, because it makes me feel like my life isn't too full, I power through knowing that June will come and that yes, this Thanksgiving dinner that I'm eating does make me feel a bit uncomfortable, but it's also full of some of our favorite things.

So friends, with yoga pants, hats,  forgotten end of year cookies, thank yous, papers, and tired kids, we power through and we finish this thing strong. We breath and we do it, because we can. If you're like me and you feel like life is an over-filled cheap paper plate, filled with favorite things, all ready to spill, just remember that June will be here soon and it's okay to look forward to less. Breath in, breath out and finish your dinner.

A few bits of what we've been up to lately:

Wild roses are in full bloom. The best smell ever, in my opinion. 
Our Awana Cubbies graduate. 
 Preschool graduates. 
 Picking the first of the ripe strawberries. 

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