Friday, June 13, 2014

5 Favorites

Happy Weekend friends. Tonight we celebrated Father's Day by barbecuing with my sister, her family and my Dad. My husband grilled burgers and my goodness, I forgot how good hamburgers with buns (you know, a real hamburger) and all the fixings are! Sister brought over some sort of Asian coleslaw and a frozen strawberry dessert, which were both super. Awe, I love food and family. The kids were crazy, happy and we're all thankful for the awesome Dads in our lives! There's lots to celebrate this weekend!

A few favorites from the week:
1. Favorite Link
Parents At The Beginning Of The School Year Vs. The EndOh my word, go watch. Hilarious.

2. Favorite Pin
This crepe recipe looks amazing. Totally unrelated, but worth mentioning--- this recipe inspired me to make some low-carb crepes with coconut flour. We filled them with sausage, mushrooms and sauteed bell peppers and they were rad.
3. Favorite New Blog
Not sure how I wound up on Today's Letters, but this blog is new must read for me. I love her writing, photos and well....everything. I love it all.

4. Favorite farm tip
I've heard that fresh eggs don't hard boil well so, when our girls start laying, I'll be excited to try this.
5. Favorite Song:
This one is an oldie, but it makes us all get up and dance.

A few moments from our week:

The other day the kids and I spotted this nest up in one of our trees. As soon as my husband pulled in from work, I couldn't help but ask him if we could use his ladder to take a little look inside. Seems like the nest hasn't been used yet. We'll leave it that we've all had our curiosity satisfied. 
I've found that it's actually easier to be out on the beach with the kids, than stuck inside messing up the house all day. I think we'll be out here a lot this summer.
 Also, this is our new look. I'm calling it The Sand Goatee.
 And....just to keep it real, this is my bathtub after a great morning at the beach. The funny thing is that all of the sand is worth it.
Eliza is suddenly really into books. The other night she got to join the big kids for bedtime stories. She loved sitting there and obviously, Judah was excited. 
 Tina, eat! Eat the food!
 What are some of the best things you've come across this week? What are your weekend plans?

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  1. I have come across many kindnesses from surprising places Gentle humor from friends, working together with strangers to care for an injured dog, waves from neighbors and always the sun after the rain!!


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