Sunday, June 1, 2014

Date Night Craziness

Tonight proved that sometimes the best and craziest date nights are the ones that are spontaneously planned. After a slow little hike in the woods with the kids Saturday morning, I told Jeremiah that I was itching to run trails and I wanted to call my Mom to see if she could come be with the kids, while we went on a date. Tonight she came over and took over while we hit the trails and then went to dinner. 
After seeing a little black bear and considering heading back home, we headed out. 
We ran trails for a few hours, ending up down to the beach. Exhausted, we sat down and couldn't believe it when we spotted a pod of Orca Whales spouting close to our feet. Isn't this amazing? I was afraid that if I moved, they'd leave!
On our way back to the car, Jeremiah talked me into taking a bit of a "short cut", which ended up being totally crazy, and I might not be able to walk tomorrow. Of all the things I anticipated on our date, I surely didn't anticipate that we'd be going rock climbing. Here's the thing: Judah's been talking a lot about rock climbing lately and I'm pretty sure that my husband feels a great need to go out and practice a little before taking his son. It makes sense, but I'm pretty sure we should have brought a harness.
After my dates little "short cut", which thankfully brought us almost back to the car, we saw a big porcupine coming our way. I screamed and started booking it down the trail, which caused the porcupine to chase after me. Thankfully, Jeremiah has a thing for walking with a stick and with the little energy that he had left, he chased that nasty porcupine off into the woods, while I ran and hid behind the car. If I had the keys, I would have gotten in, but my porcupine defender had them in his pocket....
After that crazy adventure, I've never been so glad to eat a big plate of Mexican food and be back home.
Just kidding about all of that. You guys, come on, do you really think I saw a little black bear, sat on the beach next to a pod of Orca whales, rock climbed and then got chased by a porcupine tonight? Here's what really happened:

Tonight my Mom came over and took over for a bit while we went on a date. We ran trails, but for more like 5 or 10 minutes, not a few hours--- then we walked. And that little black bear? Sorry guys, there wasn't one. I think that would have definitely made me want to head back home.
After we got to the beach, we sat down and threw rocks in the water. Sorry, those splashes were our rocks, not a pod of Orca whales, although that would have been really cool, right?
That rock climbing? Well, this is what he actually climbed and yes, I'll be able to walk tomorrow, because honestly, I didn't climb a single thing. I just stood there, and took a photo to show Judah, who actually really DOES want to go rock climbing. I think this little rock will be a perfect starting point for him. 
And lastly, that scary little porcupine that chased me, was actually a sweet little rabbit, that I tried to talk Jeremiah into letting me take home. Together, we decided that I need to keep my inner farm girl at bay, so I ended up just taking a picture of it to show Paisley. Sorry guys, no porcupine, just a baby bunny.
I hope you had a great weekend and that you made it to the end of this post so, you know the truth about our crazy date night. Did I get ya? I sure had fun writing this whopper of a story. 
Lots of love-

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  1. so much to love about this post!!! i love the edu-links & the watermelon sticks?! i want to go buy a watermelon today now that i have an easier way to cut it! Also, we moved a lot growing up, but we always had a tire swing. They're the best, aren't they?! thanks for sharing! ;-)


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