Sunday, June 15, 2014

Dear Climbing Boy

Dear Climbing Boy,

After your last morning of preschool, we sat at the table together- you and your sister with sandwiches and me, with my notebook and pen. As you nibbled away, I asked you what you'd like to learn about this summer. With a mouthful and no hesitation, you told me that this summer, you'd like to learn how to rock climb.

Sweet 5 year old, little and big all at the same time, today we had the most fun adventure out in the woods. The reason it was the most fun is because you and your sisters were there and you guys could play out there for hours. With you guys, it's not complicated. We give you a stick, find you a big rock and that's all you need.

On a recent date, Daddy and I discovered a rock with perfect notches for your hands and feet. Today we brought you back to that rock. This one is big enough for you to practice and small enough for me to not want to wrap you in bubble wrap. You told me that you're glad I left the bubble wrap at home (I kid, I kid).

If you want to climb this summer, that's what we'll do. We'll find lots of rocks that are just your size, we'll let you climb and when you get to the top, we'll stand there in the trees and clap for you. And when I'm not wearing Eliza, I'll climb with you, too. Even Mama likes climbing rocks---although I'm sure you'll totally smoke me.

I know I'm your Mama, but I really do think you're a great climber. I'd think it even if you weren't mine.

Overheard out in the woods....
"Let's hold hands because we're best friends."

Favorite quotes from the weekend:
"Mama, did you know that I can shoot love at you from my toes?"- From a 5 year old laying on the couch, pointing his toes at me.

"Hey! What was that? Oh! That was my toot! It sounded like a book! It readed a page!"- From a charming 3 year old princess eating her snack.


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  1. I might have said this before but this is my favorite of all!!!Thank you for this heart warmingly incredible little story...I could read this stuff all day!!! XXXXXXXX


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