Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Hunting for Treasure

When I wrote on Monday about starting fresh, writing that list of the things that pull me out of survival mode and into that spot that feels intentional and right, these type of adventures went onto that list. Adventures for just us. Spontaneous adventures. Adventures where the kids set the pace, where the agenda isn't mine and where there isn't any expectation. Moments like this remind my why I want to intentionally leave spots open on the calendar and not feel the pressure to sign up for everything---because isn't it so easy to feel like if you aren't doing every class, sport or event, your kids might be missing out on something and later in life, they might not measure up? Ewwww....That's crazy talk. 

Yesterday I printed off treasure maps and before we headed out, I had the kids sit down, color their maps and then pack them into a bag that could carry anything interesting that we'd find along the way. Judah was so into this and he excitedly led the way.

When we reached what he was certain was the end of the trail, he quickly started digging and searching for his treasure. As he dug, I started pacing around, hoping that I'd spot a coin or at least something that he'd find interesting. He dug and I looked--- sure that I'd dropped the ball this time. He was searching for treasure, certain it was there and I'd brought him out there with nothing. Mom fail.
As he dug, he mentioned that maybe he'd at least find a key if he dug down deep enough. This gave me an idea. While I didn't have any treasures to sneak into his hole, I did have my keys and one of them was old and no longer needed.
He lost interest and started searching around in a different spot. When he turned his back, I slipped my old key into his hole, mentioning to him that maybe he should dig just a bit further and take one last look.
When he found the key, he was glowing. He told me it was the key to the treasure chest that he'll someday find. I agreed with him that it does look like a key to a treasure chest and that even if we didn't find any more treasure today, I'm sure we'll find more some other day.
Putting the key out for him helped him become more aware of the other "treasures" around us. After that, we walked slowly, looking for anything interesting or unusual that we could find. Paisley looked for different flowers and we found an abandoned bees nest.
Mornings like this are exactly what I want our summer to be filled with. These are our happy place. This is what it feels like to go back and remember where we thrive, to put all comparison aside and do what works best for us right now. And next time, I think I'll bring some chocolate coins to drop into that hole.

A few great sites for free printable treasure maps:
Treasure maps for kids
Treasure Map Coloring Pages

Treasure Checklist


  1. I love this!!!especially the look on his face with the treasure chest key...and the wonderful bee's wonderful!!

  2. Your harvest is lovely. SO colorful. I have heard of NW Edible Life, and it IS a great site. We are in MN. My wee one also could not stay out of the berry patch, and also, I would not keep him out even if I could. Wishing you full days of full tummy's and stained fingers.


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