Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pallet Garden

When I wrote a little garden update a few weeks ago, I shared that we're experimenting with a little pallet garden for the first time this year. In a nutshell, I was desperate for more garden space and we had a couple pallets on hand, that I'd considered using for a project or two. The truth is, I'd much rather garden these days than craft so, the pallet garden was an easy choice. This type of garden is super easy. Not fancy-shmancy, but easy and so far, it's thriving.

The zucchini/pumpkins/cucumbers today:
The little plants just 3 weeks ago:
I'd say that the pallet garden definitely has more of an "eclectic" feel to it. It's surrounded by chicken wire, to keep the chickens out, bordered by tomatoes and mismatched brightly colored pots that have lettuce planted in them are scattered around. In the fall, we'll block the chickens in there and they'll  dig it all up and fertilize, but until then, we're super stylish with our little chicken wire fence. Or not.

The only downside of gardening this way vs. using our raised beds is slugs. Our raised beds are a bit higher off the ground (see below) and I've not even once found a slug in them. These pallets are lower and in more of a shaded area and every morning, I find a few little slugs out there, nibbling away on my zucchini plants. Normally I just flick them to the side, but I'm about to start feeding them to the chickens if they keep it up.
Before we planted in the pallets, I did a little searching around online and noticed that most pallet gardens are vertical, not down on the ground like ours. What we decided to go with seemed way easier to me, but I thought I'd share a few pretty ones that maybe we'll go for next year.

I love the variety in this one over on She Looketh Well. Isn't it fun?
This one, from Innovative Gardening is awesome. I love that they planted strawberries in it. Seems like a great idea. If you want a good tutorial, visit the site for great step by step instructions. 
Lastly, this one filled with succulents might be my favorite. Too bad the link from Pinterest is broken, so I'm not sure who to credit. Regardless, it's stunning.
One of the things I'm most excited about are the spaghetti squash plants that we found at Snowgoose. They're just starting to have the beginnings of tiny flowers and I can hardly wait until the day that we'll (hopefully) have a harvest of squash that my kids will actually eat. Seriously you guys, that stuff fools them.
Happy gardening friends. Isn't this time of year the best?

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