Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This Week In the Garden

This week, the coolest things that happened for our little front/back yard garden weren't the harvests (although those were fun) but a few websites that I found.

If you're a Pacific Northwest dweller, you've got to check out NW Edible Life. I know, I know---many of you might already know about this gal, but I DIDN'T (why didn't anyone tell me!?). When I found her blog, I just about cried happy tears. She's like my soul-gardening-sister. She's a city dweller, with a stink'n awesome front yard/back yard garden and chickens. She's passionate about being able to harvest at least something year-round and her site is like a gold mine of resources. She's over on my sidebar now.

Possibly the coolest thing I found on her site is this spreadsheet, that tells you exactly when and what to plant, depending on what time of year it is, for a year-round harvest.  She takes all the guess work out and makes this front yard/back yard urban farming stuff seem relatively easy....and she's a Mama who loves her kids and her chickens. Hmm....sounds familiar doesn't it? I'm so hooked.
NW Edible Life Year-Round Planting Spreadsheet

The second thing I stumbled upon is this companion planting list from Golden Harvest Organics. Have you ever wondered what plants grow well together and which ones you should avoid planting side by side? Well, it's all here on one easy to read page. I stumbled across this list the other night, while I was brushing my teeth and searching my phone for companion plants for strawberries. That's what you do while you're getting ready for bed too, right?

Last year, we'd run out of space and as a last resort, we ended up planting our onions next to our strawberries. Surprisingly, they became great friends and supported each other, thriving and growing, until we gobbled them up. Strawberries and onions? Kind of weird, right? Well, it worked. So this year, I threw a bunch of onion seeds into the strawberry bed and bam--they're growing!

After a little searching and finding the site that I mentioned above, I learned that Strawberries and Onions actually complement each other and our strawberry/onion patch is what Martha Stewart would call "a very good thing". I love learning that stuff.

Here are a few photos from the week:
This book was a happy surprise that we found in our mail box. I'm thankful to whoever was thinking of us. We've been having fun looking through it together. 
This is what I brought in to add to our Father's Day dinner. Obviously, we had steak on the side. After all, it was Father's Day and my man likes his meat.

This girl can't stay out of the strawberries, nor do I try to keep her out. She loves them and we're laid back about a little dirt.

See the little onions growing with the strawberries? Weird, but it's working. 
What do you have growing in your garden? What are some of your favorite gardening websites?

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