Thursday, June 12, 2014

Throwback Thursday- The Bang Roll

Since it's Thursday, I thought I'd post a few pictures from back in the day. These photos are sure to make you feel like you're having a great hair day, no matter what's going on today.

Let's talk about what I call The Bang Roll.

This roll of the bangs became popular somewhere in the 90's, just after the 80's bangs, you know the Big Wave with Aquanet, lost their appeal. I suppose if you couldn't poof your bangs up a few inches above your forehead,  you would decide to see how largely you could curl them instead. That's how The Bang Roll was invented....or that's my theory anyway.

During the 90's, when The Big Bang Roll was cool, I was in that awkward pre-teen/early teenager phase. I tried my best to achieve that giant summer sausage type of Big Bang Roll, after using all measures possible to straighten the curl out of my hair. You can't have a big curly roll.

I remember one friend of mine, who was a few years older than me. With her extra years of hair styling experience, her ginormous curling iron and her naturally straight hair, her Bang Roll was fantastic. I envied it every Sunday during church, when I should have been listening to the sermon.
The other funny thing The Bang Roll was that if you had a roll, then it didn't matter what the rest of your hair was doing. 

This was us at summer camp. Like my CK shirt? Am I the only one who used to tear those perfume sample pages out of Seventeen magazines and sleep with them under my pillow?

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  1. this is fantastic!! i never had the bang roll, but i would have traded you my gap grass perfume for that CK shirt. everyone i knew wore ck1. it was so popular! thanks for bringing me back!


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