Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Weekend Photo Dump

A little list of weekend happenings:

1. Paisley's been finding lots of Robin eggs in the yard. She usually finds one, gently hugs it close and then sniffs it, yelling about how badly it stinks. After that, she goes off and hides it in my flowers. 
2. The other night we explored a piece of land that's going through a foreclosure. 5 gorgeous acres of field, mature trees and quiet. No, we won't be buying it, but a girl can dream, can't she?
3. Don't they look like they belong out there?
4. She wanted me to smell flowers with her while Daddy takes a picture.
5. Something about her expression just gets me. She's the definition of fun.
6. Happy garden buddy.
7. Big Mama and Tilly having a sweet little morning moment. Hug, hug. Kiss, kiss.
8. Batman and his ballerina. These outfits are typical for my children.
9. Saturday we wrapped up our first t-ball season. What a fun team they had and isn't t-ball a hoot? When they should be running, they stop to play in the dirt or pick some grass. They're just out there having a good time and I love it.
10. On Sunday, a group of us went out on our first ladies hike. This is something that my sister and I have wanted to plan for awhile and I'm so glad we finally went through with it.
11. On the way up to the trail, we drove through the mudslide area out in Oso. Seeing the damage in person was really sobering.
12. Love these ladies. One of them even remembered her whistle, which made me less afraid when we saw fresh bear poop on the trail. 
14. The view at the top of the hike was beautiful! I'm already excited for next month's adventure and a bit nervous too, since it'll be longer than this first one was. I'll be the gal stopping to "look" at all the pretty things along the way. It's a great excuse for catching your breath.
15. Last night Eliza experienced her first corn on the cob. The girl is a natural and now I'm accepting applications for anyone that would like to come and clean the area surrounding her seat.

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  1. thanks for sharing all the wonder, beauty and joy of these times!!!


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