Monday, June 23, 2014

Welcoming Monday//Starting Over

Sometimes I think we get so busy going through the motions that we end up in survival mode and forget the things that make us our best. We can see from the outside all the things that other people do that seem to make them their best and we give those a try instead of focusing on who we are. We unintentionally spend our days going through the motions and doing a little bit of this and that, you know those things that seem to work for everyone else. At the end, we come up feeling tired and like we were made for more. Last week, I got derailed and by Saturday night, I was a mess.

We'd spent the week running around more than normal. I'd let my time with God in the morning slip to the side and I was sleeping in until the kids wake up, which personally, is not the best way for this Mama to start her day. I started focusing only on what's so hard about this season, instead of seeing the blessings in having kids ages 5, 3 and 1. See you guys, right now it's intense and great, but intense none the less. 5, 3 and 1 can either make you or break you into a fragile, tired old Mama who cries over her kitchen counter, sure that she is indeed failing the world. After a big freak out and then an honest dinner with girlfriends, I've decided that I want this to make me, not break me.

As the new week starts, I'm pulling back out those tricks that got shoved into my back pocket. Those little tricks that make me the best that I can be. I'm putting on my blinders and going back to what works best for me, and not the other Mamas who seem to have it so together. I'm digging my heels back into the ground, determined that this season too, is meant to be enjoyed. Remember how joy comes in the morning? Well, it even comes in the morning when you have little kids. It's not just for the days that are easy. It's for everyday, even the ones that are really wacko. I'm stopping for a moment and remembering what it is that makes ME be MY best and I'm re-focusing on those things.

I never want the season that I'm in as a Mama to be an excuse for me to not do what I know helps me thrive. Survival mode doesn't feel good. It's itchy and although I'm a Mom, there's so much more to me than that. Mothering isn't supposed to swallow us up in the difficulty of it, but instead rise us up to be the best that we can be. I'm so convinced that even this phase of the kids being so small, is supposed to be enjoyed. They're so very smart and they know when they're being enjoyed and they know when they're not.

I believe in second, third and nine hundred seventy fifth chances so I'm welcoming Monday so happily. Last night I looked up what time the sun rises, 5:08am. I set my alarm for 5:03 and convinced myself that I'd get up, write this post and after hitting publish, I'd write a list of those things that I need to be doing to get back on track. This list is the list of little tricks that help me feel like I'm not just going through the motions. This is the live intentionally, be the best that I can be, so I don't crumble by Saturday night list.

I thought about sharing it here, but then I decided not to since I know how easy it can be to see someone else's goals from the outside and get wrapped up in that ugly comparison trap. To you, my goals might look mighty awesome and to me, your goals might look far better that my own. Instead of comparing, let's just do what works best for us. We're all created differently and we're all created to be amazing, but we each have our own set of tricks that get us there.

So, maybe if you've been feeling bogged down and stuck in the motions, if you're only in survival mode and you feel itchy for more, consider making your own list as the week starts? And then after writing those things down that make you your best, how about do them?

A few photos from lately:

I'll title this one: Three Years Old. 
The other night I had the opportunity to take maternity photos for a friend. So much fun. Before she got there, I snapped a few to check the lighting in this field. Isn't it lovely?

This boy and his freckles. One more reason why I love summer. 
Salad time for the ladies. 
Flower pick'ins for a dinner with friends. 

When Big Mama goes after a worm, I get Shania Twain's "I'm Gonna Getcha Good" stuck in my head. 
I'm gonna getcha while I gotcha in sight, I'm gonna getcha if it takes all night, You can betcha by the time I say "go," you'll never say "no", You can bet your bottom dollar, in time you're gonna be mine. Just like I should - I'll getcha good.


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  1. dress shopping was super fun!! i would love to go again... just not for a wedding dress. a party dress, though, yes!! is this your wedding dress? beautiful!


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