Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dear Jumping Boy

Dear Jumping Boy,
This afternoon, life slowed down for a few moments while I stood and cheered for you, while you jumped off anything that looked high and exciting. After a week that felt overwhelming full, this quieted my heart. The way you just go for it is such a thrill for me to watch. It doesn't scare me, because I see you learning how to make good choices and learning to be brave.

You know that your Mama tends to get easily overwhelmed and watching you today reminded me that when I'm doing what I know God intended me to do, (like being still for a moment and cheering for you), I find that calmness that's sometimes so hard for me to find. This summer has felt crazier that I intended and being outside with you today was a huge moment of peace. Thank you for helping your Mama find a moment of quiet, when things felt like they were piling on too fast.

Thank you for wanting to jump off high things and for being a crazy boy. Thank you for wanting to run, climb and be adventurous. Thank you for asking me to watch and for teaching me daily what it's like to raise a boy. I'm so completely crazy about all of this. Keep jumping, keep asking me to watch and keep on going for it.

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  1. Right on! I love how - when we love and support our children - we get more blessings thand we ever imagined!!! He is so precious!!!!


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