Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Faves

Happy Friday, sweet friends. A few favorites to wrap up this wonderful week.

Favorite Recipe from Instagram:
Maggie at The Rural Roost posted this handy little recipe for roasted garbanzo beans and I literally made them like 10 minutes later. The big kids didn't quite know what to think about them, but Eliza and I are OBSESSED. Go make some, like right now. Also, I've got to say that I just opened up a can and didn't bother with soaking or cooking dried beans. Just do whatever is easy, you know?

Favorite Song on repeat this week:
My one word for this year should have been BRAVE. So many things about this year have caused me to want to live a truly brave life. My heart just longs to live in a way that isn't playing it safe, but instead is really full of everything that God created me for. This song stirs me up and it's been on repeat for a good chunk of this week.
Favorite deal of the week:
Oh man, these Salt Water Sandals. Aren't they just great? In a perfect world, my girls and I would all have matching ones. Something about this just gets me. And, over on Brick and Buffalo, they're on a super-duper sale for only 2 more days. Love these.

Favorite new show of the week:
Fixer Upper. Have you seen this? If you know me, you know that I'm not a big TV person, but all of that changes when it comes to this couple. The husband and I have been watching this show all week and we absolutely love this couple. They way they treat each other melts me just a little and their style and design are flawless. Love, love, love these guys and their show!

Favorite kids quotes from the week:
Judah (talking to Dora, on the TV), "I don't have to say it, if I don't want to say it, Dora!"
Paisley, explaining about changing her baby's diaper...."My baby's poop isn't for real, that why I changed it with my hands."

Have a great weekend, brave ones!

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