Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just Because

For every moment that I feel like I should be all caught up on baby books and have perfectly organized photo albums on our shelves....
For every moment that I feel like my words aren't enough or that my photos should be better....
For every moment that I wonder if my life is enough to share in this space....

I remember that EVERY life is worth sharing and I remember why I started this little blog in the first place. 

To document our simple and sweet life. This life with these wonderful gifts. 
If you want to write, take photos and keep track of your memories, can I just encourage you to not let perfectionism stand in your way? Live beautifully and then share it, imperfectly- because none of us are perfect.

Today something happened. 
A complete stranger walked up to me and handed me two quilts. Just like that. She smiled at me and right there in the middle of a tiny little fair, asked me if I wanted these quilts that she sewed. She was short, with gray hair and glasses and she told me that she makes these quilts to give away as baby blankets. Apparently she saw that we have a few small children on our hands.... Um yeah, people tend to notice.

I almost cried, you guys. I mean, who does that? In the news and on Facebook and in conversations, we always hear about the bad stuff. The people we need to watch out for, the scary things. And then we go to a tiny little fair, where we pet ducks, hold rabbits and fall in love with baby pigs and as we walk to buy corn dogs and greasy fair fries, a sweet old lady comes up to us and gives us two quilts that she sewed with love. Just because.
 Her kindness makes me want to be extra kind, just because.

A few moments from our weekend.
The newest member of our dress up clan. 

Friday night, Paisley and I had a date at the Farmer's Market. It had been a long day and I'd planned on going alone, just for a quick bouquet of flowers, after Daddy got home, but when I started to head out, she asked if she could come. Reluctantly, I said yes and I'm so glad I did. Walking with her around the Farmer's Market was way better than walking around by myself. I thought I needed time alone---what I really needed was a date with her.
Flowers from the market will be our new thing.

Today we went to the tiny little fair and enjoyed every smell, snort, moo, neigh, tractor sound, greasy fry and friend that we saw. The kids entered a few little things and were super excited when we went into the exhibit hall today and saw ribbons on their entries.

The rabbits get me every year. I think we need one...hello husband? Hear that?

Hoping you had a great weekend,


  1. Our county fair is in the next town and ours was a few weeks ago. :) I love taking the kids to see the animals.

    I can't believe that lady gave you two quilts! How sweet!

    I love the pic of Paisley in front of the mural. :)

  2. Hi Catie! :) Aren't the fairs so fun? I bet your kids love it!

  3. Our markets are the lamest. Always makes me wish we were somewhere with a great market. esp ones with piggies and bunnies. and beautiful flowers. Love the story about the quilts, incredibly sweet.

  4. Oh my gosh, those piggies are adorable! I've also got a thing for farmer's market flowers, mostly because my yard flowers have seen better days!

  5. Good people are everywhere. :) What a special day.


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