Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Oyster Dome Hike

Oh, what an adventure this was! Let's see, where do I even begin.....

The coolest thing is happening. 

For months now, my sister and I have talked about how fun it would be to gather up a group of ladies and do monthly hikes. Finally, last month, we scheduled the first one and we were excited when gals were all over it. Turns out, people want to get outside, get some exercise and have an adventure together. I love these hiking friends for 100 reasons, but possibly what I love most of all is that when we're at the hardest part of the climb, I start jibber-jabbering to distract myself and these gals make up games and make even something that feels nearly impossible, FUN. 

A few days ago, we dominated our 2nd monthly ladies hike. Our first one was a 4 mile round trip hike up Mine Road Trail. That one was beautiful, a bit too secluded for my taste (hello, bear poop!) and not that challenging, but still very fun. I think my favorite thing about that hike was the conversation. Those ladies really know how to put the small talk to the side and dig into stuff that matters. I went away from that hike encouraged. 

This most recent hike, to the Oyster Dome was the hardest one that I've ever done, but it was so worth it. Round trip, it's 6.5 miles and you climb 1900 feet, which is pretty intense climbing, at least for me since I'm practically a beginner. But, just when you think that your legs might possibly stop moving, you reach the top and your reward is a breathtaking view of Anacortes, the San Juan Islands and if I'm correct, I believe that you can even see a bit of Canada. You feel like you're on top of the world.

The view was indescribable and the viewpoint is large so, even if there are other groups up there enjoying it, which there very well might be, there's plenty of space to enjoy it. When we got to the top, we all plopped down on rocks, drank water and ate. We were starving and thirsty!

Here's where it got a bit interesting.....

So, after we rested and enjoyed the view, we headed back down to the car. Going back down was easier for sure. By this time, most of us were out of water and we were excited to try and get to Snowgoose before it closed for ice cream. As we reached the bottom of the hill and cheered for ourselves, my friend Emily commented that she couldn't see my car. I brushed her comment to the side and said that I'm sure it was right there. We walked, looking for the car and it was gone. GONE.

6.5 miles done, out of water and the car is gone. Say what?

I ended up calling 911 and discovered that a few cars had been towed, mine included. Here's the thing about this particular hike.....there isn't a designated parking area and everyone parks along the road. Well, apparently, a few of us parked a bit over the white line and when the State Patrol saw my car over the white line, he had it towed. 

Thankfully, my friend's husband wasn't too far away so, he came and picked us up. He was so awesome, rescuing us from the side of the road and the funny thing is that he brought us all giant dohunts. What a great guy, right? 

So, we ate our donuts, went and picked up my car, paid the HEFTY fee and trust me, I'll never park over a white line again. Learn from my lesson, okay? Those white lines are serious business. I know I'm totally at fault, but I do wish that I could have just gotten a parking ticket or something----not come back from a super hard and awesome hike, to find my car GONE. 

What an adventure that was! If you ever consider hiking to the Oyster Dome, do it. It's so worth the climb! Just be sure to not park over the white line. 

Here are a few pictures from our adventure. 


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