Wednesday, July 23, 2014

This Big Brave Thing// All Mom Does

Awhile back, I did a few guest posts for our local radio station's blog, "All Mom Does". Recently, they opened up the opportunity to expand their team and I applied. The application process was fun and a bit nerve wrecking. At one point, I was scheduled to have a phone interview with Sarah Taylor, who you've probably heard of if you're local. She was scheduled to call me at 2pm and you should have seen me preparing the kids for that phone call.

"Listen guys, the radio station is going to be calling Mommy. I'm going to put a TV show on for you and no matter what, you can't come talk to me. Mommy really wants this and I just can't be interrupted this time. I'll have snacks out and you can have those while you watch your show. Basically, if it's not a HUGE emergency, you NEED to let me have this phone call." 

They were like, "The radio station is going to call you? How does that work? You want this? What does that mean?" And after the 50th question, they started singing the Spirit 105.3 jingle and they seemed to catch on....sort of. At 1:50pm, I set out granola bars, flipped on Sprout and then retreated to our room with a notebook and pen, and a pounding heart.

I had my phone call, without any interruptions (nice job, kids!) and Sarah was fantastic. Actually, anyone involved there is fantastic, I'm already sure of it. After the phone interview and a few more things, I got the call yesterday from the sweetest gal, Rebecca and she invited me to be part of the team!

I feel like being part this team is exactly what I need right now on so many  levels. I've been really craving something that would push me outside of my comfort zone and help me be inspired to write more bravely. I feel like God wants to stretch me and I'm ready for that.

And the fit couldn't be any better......
When I was 18, I started listening to Spirit 105.3 while getting ready for work in the morning and now the kids and I listen to it in the car. I'm so excited to be part of what they're doing.

On a weekly basis, I'll be writing for All Mom Does and from time to time, I'll be participating in other events that they have going on. Sometimes you know when something is just meant for this moment and although this is a bit scary, all of this is the perfect fit for where our family is at right now.

So, here's my question for you.... Is there anything that I haven't written about that you'd like to hear about? name it. Please share with me the things that YOU would want to read about. I'm welcoming any and all ideas and if you'd rather email them to me, that's fine. My email address is up there under "contact". 

A few photos from our life lately.

Dill against the chicken coop- just 'cuz it's pretty.
 Sunsets and campfires at the MOPS planning retreat.
 Early morning book hugger.
 Golf balls and eggs.
DQ dates turn everything around when it's hot outside and we're grumpy.
 Little artist getting her paintings ready for the fair.
 On the way to the MOPS retreat. Old barns make me slow down and take pictures. I just can't help it.
 Corn that's starting to look like.....well, corn! Thank you, sunshine!
 ♥ Angela


  1. This is such a beautiful entry...I love how you share through beautiful photos and words. Congratulations to you and Spirit 105.3!

  2. Congratulations, Angela! That's awesome! I'm so excited for you and I couldn't stop smiling through your whole post! Love you!

  3. Congrats, Angela! And welcome to the "family!" :)

  4. Thank you, Kristina! Looking forward to getting to know you all!

  5. Love you too! You always make me smile. Hope you're reallu enjoying your summer with the kids.


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