Friday, August 1, 2014


These Friday Favorites posts are quickly becoming one of MY favorites to write. There are so many good things to share this week.

From Instagram:
Posted by @OurVintageFarmhouse
Posted by my friend Jamie

Posted by @Annapolis and Company

This blog post:
Tip for Mom: You Can't Handle it All. 

This Playlist: 
A Foster’s Parent’s Playlist Awe! So many good songs here, whether you're a foster parent of not.

This Video:
Hint: Share this with your husbands, ladies. Maybe let him watch it alone too, in case he cries, 'cuz he just might.
Design Inspiration:
Finding your design style, by JoAnna Gaines. 

This Moment:
Late night with friends and family at the fair. And today....the kids slept in! I think we might be entering a new phase folks!



  1. I am loving all of your favorites! The best first date brought tears to my eyes. The way she looks at him is priceless! I also love the post by JoAnna Gaines. I really enjoy her show, and I love her style. I would love if you would stop by and share this at my new link party, Celebrate It! It's where we celebrate everyday life!
    Hope to see you there!

  2. Yes, that first date video made me cry, too! Isn't it so good? And JoAnna Gaines....I love her!


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