Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Favorites

There are SO many good things to share this week. Here are my Top 10:

1. Favorite Instragram: 
As a big "feeler", this is something that I'm constantly having to remind myself of.
2. Favorite Organization Ideas:
JoAnna Gaines is at it again. Have I mentioned that I love her? Well, I do.
3. Favorite Hike Inspiration: 
This instagram photo was taken by the ever so talented Matthew Land out at Skyline Trail, by Mount Baker. Yep, this hike has been pinned

4. This shirt.
Isn't it fun?

5. Favorite Writing Inspiration:

6. Favorite Kitchen:
Gosh, everything about this. The white cupboards and the open cabinets. The beams on the ceiling. All of it. Love.
7. Favorite deal of the week:
Tonight my sister and I enjoyed a bit of retail therapy at Goodwill. Little did I know that they were having their Western Days sale. These REAL leather, made in Indiana, Old West boots are going to be so cute on Eliza, that I feel like I could just kiss them. This, my friends, is why I love thrift shopping!
8. Favorite Moment of the Week:
These two, hanging at the Mariner's with Brock Huard and his son Titus. Earlier in the week, Jeremiah won tickets and this was Judah's first Mariner's game ever. What a special night for these guys!

9. Favorite goosebumps of the week: 
When Kari Jobe announced her engagement on Instagram, I couldn't help but break out in goosebumps. They're just too cute and I'm happy for her!

10. Favorite Back to School Something or Other:
This list. Isn't it the best? I just pray that my kids will have teachers like this one. What a blessing GREAT teachers are!

Have a great weekend! What will you be up to?

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