Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Favorites

A listy-list of random favorites from the week. Happy weekend, friends! Go do something fun.

Favorite New Source For Coloring Pages: has a HUGE selection of free coloring pages and the bonus is that the kids can color them on the computer and then print out their masterpieces if they want. These sheets have been really great for helping Judah learn basic mouse/clicking skills.

Favorite Clothing Discovery:
I think each of my kids needs one of these. Sound of the wild. Yep, we're a little wild up in here.
The Level Collective is an independent ethical clothing label about DESIGN | ADVENTURE | CHANGE. I love what they're all about.

Favorite Blog Post:
The Bully Too Close To Home By: Hands Free Mama. I don't even know what to say about this one. She flat out knocked it out of the park. I literally haven't been able to close that tab since I read it. It needs to be a daily read for me, as a Mama who struggles with perfectionism. 
Favorite Chore Chart Idea:
So, something happened this week. Amazon had a killer deal on Laminators and I ordered one and then shouted about it on Facebook, because I tend to do that when I get excited about something. What can I say- I'm a passionate girl. Anyway- my friend Margy told me about these chore charts and most likely they'll be the first thing I laminate.

Favorite Quote of the Week:

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  1. i can't wait until my gal is old enough to start thinking about chore charts. :) but on another note...if you want to link up your 5 we would love to have you! check it out!!


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